Saturday, March 24, 2012

We've Been...

....saying welcome home and goodbye to Steve.
This far..he's been to London, Amsterdam, India, Dubai
Dallas and Egypt.
He brings us all gifts.
Will got this traditional Indian hat.
He wears it to bed

Hannah got her doll.
She's a bobble head from India.
(Hannah also got glasses)

The kids can't wait to see what he's brought them.
It's like Christmas for them.
We all sit around the coffee table
and he presents each of us with trinkets
from all around the world.
He brought me tea and saffron
and pearls.
We love when he comes home!

Hannah's welcome home sign
In many different languages.

...we've also been sick.
Like really sick.
I'm sure it's not over yet either.
I had to go to Target today
and buy all new pillows
towels, sheets....
love the stomach bug.

....celebrating birthdays. (mine....44...uugh)
We saw Les Miserables in Boston.
What a treat.
And Hannah made these.
While we were out at Les Mis
she made these adorable hair pins.
Thank you Hannah!
I love them!!
And  You!

My appetite for books about Paris is insatiable.
I just finished Hemingway's 
A Moveable Feast.
Loved it.
I'm now reading 
Julia Child's 
My Life in France.
Steve bought me
Paris Was Ours
for my birthday.

Guess what?
We're moving to Paris!!!


  1. Oui! Can't wait mon amor!! Btw...Will's hat was from the Muttrah Souk in Muscat, Oman - It is traditional Omani headress (you missed that one on your list for visits this month ;-)

    Love you!

  2. WHATTT? you were so nonchalant about it all. When, where, what? We want details!

  3. Thrilled for you! xoxo Dianne

  4. Moving to Paris, wow! So excited for you! I love a Moveable Feast and My Life in France. Two favorite books for sure (though they do make me miss Paris). I'll have to check out Paris Was Ours next!

  5. I am so excited for you guys! (We will come live in your house while your gone and go to the beach for you every day!) :)

  6. That is amazing news Pam!!
    Can't wait to hear more!
    have a happy day and sorry about the sickies....stomach bugs are the WORSE!

  7. You know I am over the moon excited for you!
    I have never read Julia Child's "My Life in France". Must add that to my list.
    Add tell Hannah I think she looks beautiful in her new glasses!

  8. So excited for all of you! xoxoxo

  9. What an adventure!!! I love Paris!

    Sorry about the stomach bug. . .ugghhh!!

  10. Congratulations on your upcoming move! Looking forward to hearing more as you unravel the details! tara

  11. You do realize you are living a storybook life right now, my dear! Enjoy every minute of it. I am so thrilled for your family. Please tell Hannah she looks adorable in her new glasses. xoxo

  12. "he brought me tea and saffron and pearls..."
    AND you're moving to paris.
    your life is a poem.
    well, minus the stomach bug ♥

  13. Awesome about Paris!!! Can't wait to follow your blog while you're there ... what an amazing adventure you'll have!

  14. ok, pam, there is an awful lot of info in this post, i think my mind is a bit blown ... first the highs of steve's return, then the lows of the tummy bug, then the uber-high high of your pending move to Paris ... hello, what?? craving every detail - when? how long? want to know everything ... let's connect while we still can!!

  15. Wow! Paris! What an incredible adventure for you and your family. I hope that some day we are able to have our children experience the world, for that matter, some day I hope that Joel and I are able to be well traveled. :-)

    Be well!

    Hugs from Kansas,

  16. Wow Pam!! I know you've been wanting this and I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to hear more:))
    Sorry about the stomach flu. There's nothing worse. All the laundry...ugh.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  17. and why is it all I can think of is what will happen to the dog while you are in Paris? I hope you have a wonderful time although I just cannot even fathom leaving such a beautiful home or town! wish I had some of your sense of adventure!!

  18. Wow, how exciting! Your blog is so nice to read;I can't wait until you move and post about Paris.

  19. Amazing for you! So exciting! Can I buy you current house?!

  20. Steve was near us in Dallas then! We are actually headed over there today for some fun stuff. We are about an hour from there.

    Paris! How exciting for you and your family. I got chills reading that! Good ones that is. What an adventure.