Thursday, March 15, 2012


Steve has been gone for almost two weeks.
I'm used to his travel schedule..but
I sometimes wish for a husband to be home by 6 for dinner.
And then I receive this email from him..
It's titled.. Blessed.

I am in downtown Hyderabad - a bustling colorful Indian city- driving in a chauffeured car back to the hotel where I have an executive suite with a spectacular view of a lake and the city beyond. All this following a day that included a morning reception with senior Indian government officials and attendance at the "CEO" lunch- a venue set aside for senior business executives doing business in India...A very cool day and great cultural experience.

All of this is due to you and what you do for me. Your hard work at home raising our children and keeping our home allows me to grow my executive business experience....Thank you for all that you do, I am truly blessed to have a wife like you!

Hope you have a great day-Kiss the kids for me!
Love you,

And then I feel like I'm the blessed one to have him for a husband.
I blog to remember
And don't want to forget his words.

Thank you Steve for all you do for our family!
We're happy you're coming home!!


  1. That is one for the memory book for sure. Blessed indeed.

  2. Very sweet. My husband travels a lot as well. At times when I am tired I start to think of all of the great dinners he is enjoying and ball games he gets to go to but them I remember that he misses kids games, fun dinner coversations and tucking the kids in at night. Just the other day he thanked me for letting him travel like he does....
    Thanks is a very sweet email and yes you are blessed.

  3. Very cool of him to realize and share with you. Huge blessings for both of you to have each other!

  4. Oh good gosh! You are all so blessed. What a note, sigh.....beautiful indeed.

  5. Pam, you are a great wife and mother. On the other hand...Steve is also such a wonderful husband and father. You are blessed to have each other.xoxoxo Diane

  6. Such a sweet email! What a huge sacrifice you both make in order to grow his business. You are great at what you do Pam, keep up the good work!! hugs, cathy

  7. It's precious to see the mutual love and respect. I tell ya what...from an old woman (me!), respect is key. YOU two have it. I love reading how you love your life!

  8. What a gift he gave you. Might have to leave that up on our family computer so my hardworking husband sees.

  9. What a beautiful post. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by how hard and long
    the days sometimes are when we're raising our kiddos.

    Having an amazing partner is really the glue that supports and binds.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Awww, this is amazing, really Pam.
    I too have a husband who travels all of the time and we work hard to make it work.
    I do all I can for him when he is home, and he allows me to be at home.
    I love my life, but I do look forward to the day when he retires!

  11. What a beautiful, loving, respectful partnership you and Steve have.... You are BOTH blessed - beyond measure. xo

  12. I could go for years on an email like that! beautiful...

    thanks Pam for your sweet comment on my blog; it's good to know that others have been there too.

    have a happy weekend, tara

  13. This is so sweet. It's been on my mind all afternoon. I couldn't comment earlier b/c of my little people interupting. Thank you for sharing such a lovely email. I miss chatting with you. God bless you.

  14. Wow, what a neat thing that he recognizes your role and how hard you work! That is so important! And how nice that it came on a day that you needed it!
    {A little boy in pj's may just be one of the cutest things ever!}

  15. amazing! so thoughtful!!
    my husband is leaving friday for his first overseas work travel, and will be gone 3 weeks.
    i'm nervous to handle everything. we play good cop/bad cop pretty well. he's my team mate, partner, best friend. but hey i can do anything for 3 weeks. i know how the time will fly.
    and i'm thankful. this time last year he was jobless. i feel lucky it's only a temporary assignment.

  16. What a keeper! I love that he realizes how important you are. And that he tells you. Perfect combination in a man.

  17. aaaww, that's the sweetest - what a good man you have there, pam - and how wonderful for your children to have this kind of modeling :)