Thursday, March 8, 2012

I became a mother 17 years ago...

My memory is terrible.
But, I remember giving birth to each of 
my children like it was yesterday.
Here is Stephen's birth story.
The story, like his birth, is quick.

Steve called in from Amsterdam
to help us sing Happy Birthday.
He was certainly missed.

Stephen kept saying,
"my last year as a child"
And I kept thinking,
please let this year go by slow.

 Steve was going to be traveling
on his birthday,
so we took him to Del Frisco's in Boston
last Saturday night.
Just the 3 of us.
He went last year in New York
when we went to the Phantom.
This month he is seeing Les Miserables
with his French class.
I'm seeing a trend here..
Del Frisco's
the theatre
coconut cake...

Happy Birthday buddy.
You are much loved.


  1. beautiful post, Pam.

    I'm glad you could do something just the 3 of you! precious memories!

  2. 17! The thought of it makes me want to cry. Happy birthday to both you and Stephen ... Because we all know that birthdays are equally for mom's who remember the best day ever better than anyone :)

  3. Seventeen. Now it's all about finding colleges and friends. Sigh. I hope it goes slow for you.

  4. Happy Birthday to Stephen! My daughter shares his birthday as well. She is 12 today. I can only imagine how bittersweet it is having your oldest turn 17. I am so happy Zoe is 12 but she is growing way to fast. You think when they are born that they will be living with you forever and then the years go by so quick. I can't believe she is a middle schooler now. I'm sure you can't believe you have a high schooler. Our journey with our kids is just beginning though as we have a lifetime with them.

    Happy birthday to Stephan and happy day to you!

  5. Happy Birthday! Love your cute green decorations. Isaac has 3 more months as a 'child'. How did this happen to us so quickly? Boo hoo.

  6. wow, i'm hoping the next year goes slowly for you too, pam - 18 sounds a whole lot older than 17!! loving the whole table-scape you set up ... the green, the dots, the pinwheels in the vase, the balloons, the tall candles, that gorgeous cake ... so pretty! happy happy birthday!

  7. Awwww. Happy Birthday to your first baby! So sweet, and so sentimental. xo.

  8. Happy Birthday to your handsome young man. I hope the year creeps by at a snail's pace for you, although he'll still need you next year...just differently. oxxo

  9. Awww, Happy Birthday Stephen! He does have great celebrations.

  10. Happy Birthday (late) :) And, um, I don't think they ever stop needing you. Brandon calls me ALOT still. Really late at night ;)

  11. I know kids grown up so fast. My baby will start school next year...I love the saying the days are long but the years go by fast. That cake looks great!! Is it a coconut cake with coconut frosting?