Friday, March 16, 2012

Leopard Love

My love of leopard 
started years ago.
And it has not waned.

When Hannah was about 4
I bought her these leopard mary jane's.
I'm pretty sure I bought them in every size
so when she outgrew them
she'd have a brand new pair.
Luckily, she liked them too.

My trusty OLD leopard tote.
Bought at least ten years ago
at the same boutique on 
Martha's Vineyard
that Hannah's shoes came from.
The straps are starting to fray
and I've been looking for a replacement.
(maybe I should make a pillow
out of the rest of the fabric)

This bag from J Crew would work.
And it's only $700.

This is the one.
Originally $198
on sale for $89
minus 30%
Total score.
Go get one!!


  1. Did you go and get one? :) Love the last bag but those leopard Mary Janes are fabulous!!!
    xo Dianne

  2. Love it! I love leopard...wanted dh to put it on the staircase about five years ago. He had his carpet selling friend convince me it was a bad idea. Five years later the stairs are still bare, and I would still like it there. :)

  3. Love that bag! Love the picture of your daughter in her leopard mj shoes and ballet outfit!

  4. Pam ... all the leopard-ness made me laugh. I bought a pair of six inch leopard peep-toe heels a few years ago that have been sitting in my closet unworn. Spring cleaning the closet this week, my husband suggested that I donate them since I've never worn them. Jumping to their defense, I told him that the just hadn't seen the perfect occasion yet! I hesitate wearing them to church but even worse, what could look corny-er than a pregnant mom teetering on six inch leopard heels? Or ... trying not to topple over while balancing a toddler on one hip??

    **sigh** one day, though, they will make a grand debut! For now, I just go into my closet and practice walking in them and pretend that I could pull them off. Every girl needs a dream :)

  5. They have leopard jeans at Target now - 2 different colors - only $23! I got the gray and I LOVE them.

  6. Leopard is way cool. I only own a pair of leopard ballet flats though. That bag is so much fun! Enjoy it!

  7. well, i'm pretty sure we've already established our shared passion for all things leopard, so I'm totally feeling this post!! and about the purchasing of additional/larger sizes for your daughter toddler on those must-have pieces ... yeah, I did that too ;-) ... and ps, nice job on that jcrew bag - woot!!