Tuesday, March 6, 2012

iphone photos

uploaded some photos from my phone, finally.
damn that crewcuts.
i could get into some serious trouble in that store.
picked up a few things for our trip in april.
love a guy in pink.

took hannah shopping recently for a semi-formal/graduation dress
which is in june.
apparently, "all the girls" are wearing lilly pulitzer
and she just "had to get it now" before someone else got the same one.
there is an entire facebook page just for who got what dress.
none of my kids are on facebook
(thank you God)
so we don't need to be a part of all that nonsense.

ballet lessons with hannah...

we love colorforms..

fashion show..
again with the crewcuts..

hannah's brain.
she participated in a research study at children's hospital recently.

swimming at the pool on the vineyard with cousins

will's theme night

so i'm just about 2 weeks into my clean eating/no processed food diet.
i feel so good!!
i eat eggs or oatmeal for breakfast
a ton of fruits/raw veggies
homemade soups
salad with fish or chicken.
and air popped popcorn for a snack at night.
if i'm craving bread or pasta
i make it myself.

i'm on an antibiotic right now..
for the ear thing.
the doc had to slice my ear open to get the backing out.
i told her i would have rather given birth.
i hope i can wear earrings again..
anyway, i'm looking into probiotics for when i'm finished.
wonder if anyone has taken them? 



  1. Oh Pam, I love the video of Hannah and Griffy. So much like Riley and Aubrey!! Precious.
    Boy does he look grown up...I'll blame it on the button down!:)
    We have been taking probiotics and elderberry all winter and I think it has REALLY helped!!
    have a happy day pam

  2. I take Living Streams liquid probiotics. They are my favorite.

  3. Good for you on the clean eating!!!

    That shirt is too,too cute!!

    A facebook page for dresses. . . Really?!?

  4. Great pics! Griffy is such the little man and too cute!
    Can't believe they had to cut your ear to get the backing off!

  5. Love this post, Pam. But Griffy is a little boy now. Make it stop!! SO cute. And Hannah looks so pretty - and healthy. I hope she's feeling as good as she looks. I love her dress - I'm a HUGE Lilly fan and wearer. Good choice, Hannah. So sorry about your ear. That sounds so painful!

  6. 1. i love a guy in pink, too ... l.o.v.e!
    2. the girls up on the north shore are as smitten with lilly as those on the south ... and that one looks FAB on hannah - i love it!!
    3. no more video? :(
    4. the crewcuts stuff on hannah?! sure wish some of that classic timeless fashion sense would rub off on my gals ... she looks like something right out of 'emerson made', it's so gorgeous!
    5. brain stuff ... wild! we once did an eeg for big bug, but we ain't got nothin' on you guys - that is super cool!
    6. so super envious of your food/diet transformation ... you're my hero!

  7. We love that little silly face game too. Cute dress for Hannah. Love your new diet...you need to share your fav soup recipes!