Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Few Things...

Steve was in Cairo, Egypt last week.
He brought this home...
 our Family Tree in 
Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
It is printed on beautiful papyrus.
The birds represent each of us
and all of our names translated.
The crest on the top signifies
protection over our family.
I love it and can't wait 
to frame it!

Will had a half day last week
so the three of us went into 
Boston to the Children's Museum.

Always a fun day.

We love Arthur.

My treat after a long day 
at the museum.
I love this bakery
Kicking myself for not 
buying the cookbook.

Cafe Marly in Paris.
It overlooks the Louvre.
My sister in law Hilary
Steve, his mom
and me.

Looking forward to
sitting there again 

Steve and I took Will with us
to see Les Miserables.
Exposing our children to the theatre
is so important to us.
Will loved it.
Steve and I had seen it
years ago
and we own the movie.
It is SO good!
If you can't see it live,
rent this or buy it.
The kids and I watched it
again last night.
I cry every time.
And for days I'm humming
the beautiful music.


  1. Hi Pam, I love that picture of you and Will! You have so much to be happy about... I'm sure that Paris swirls around your head all day long... enjoy the 'looking forward'. tara

  2. Can't wait for you to get back to that spot in Paris soon!
    We take our kids to the theatre too!
    Will looks like he enjoyed it.

  3. Pam, I have to tell you that I made your chicken recipe tonight (the one with the Panko coating) and the girls LOVED them! I even did the bowties with peas and cesar salad too! Thanks for your great dinner ideas as always, tara

  4. You and Steve are such excellent parents/educators! Museums, the music, plays...PARIS! Will you adopt me???