Monday, April 23, 2012

April in Paris

Three days before we left for Paris
we were supposed to be going to Florida.
Unpacked the swimsuits
shorts and flipflops.
Packed the umbrellas, rain boots
and trench coats.

And we were off.
Now, I may have mentioned before..
I told Steve when we arrived..
I love to travel.
I just don't like the traveling part of the travel.
Knock me out
and wake me when we get there.
But, if I have to fly,
and I will a lot more now,
then sitting up top this thing..
not so bad.

One of the few times we saw the sun.
The morning we arrived.
I'm not complaining.
I swear.

This trip was all about looking at schools
and apartments.
We told the kids
we want them to decide
which school they'd like to attend.

So, we toured the International School of Paris
and the American School of Paris.
Both excellent schools.
The two boys are pretty sure they
want the ASP.
Hannah is leaning towards the ISP.

Friday night we were invited
to have dinner with the family
that we will be replacing this summer.
Matt and Linda..
thank you!
We loved meeting your family
and touring our future flat!
I'm sure I'll be emailing you
every other minute with questions :)

I have many more pictures
and stories
but the laundry is calling.

Au Revoir!


  1. What a beautiful picture. I am so thrilled for your family's new adventure. What a life treat!

  2. i am thrilled that we get to come along.
    you DID take a photo of the view from the kitchen sink, didn't you?

  3. Wow, what an amazing experience! I'm sure your head is spinning, but best of luck with the coming transition. It can be overwhelming!

  4. Love getting to see your entire family together in that beautiful picture!

  5. Such a cool picture Pam!!!! wowza!! hugs, cathy