Wednesday, May 26, 2010


                                           I think I'm just about cured.

I can almost go through the line at the grocery store now with out having to buy one.

You'd think I have enough of them anyway...why would I need more? Because they lure me in with their glossy covers...promising all kinds of things...A renovated kitchen on a budget...Make your own organic babyfood...The top ten things I need for summer....A taboulleh salad....

I have some dating back to 1993. That's the year I got married. Who keeps a magazine that long??

So many of my favorites are now just a distant memory. Now there are magazines online.  Lonny is a really good one. But they're just not the same. Steve doesn't get it. Why we've had to pack up and move these boxes and boxes of magazines every time we've moved.

Because opening those boxes makes me smile. Who am I kidding. I'll never quit this addiction.


  1. I think I could have written this Pam. :) I have parted with most of mine though...and am off to check out Lonny. It is soooo hard for me to pass them by in the checkout line. As a new mom they were my escape to another world...esp. during those toddler naptimes! Now I still love the feel of the glossy pages. It is an addiction.
    What do you subscribe to? My Creating Keepsakes is finally about's such a sad subscription now. Cottage Living turned into Southern Living...and was never the same. Yep, I'm an addict. :)

  2. Guilty as charged. I have a side table/cube in my master bedroom that is secretly full of all the magazines I can't bear to throw away.
    When will I look at them? Never.
    When will I read them online? Never.

  3. The bottom of my linen closet is full of my old magazines. I do have them somewhat organized. When I go on a trip, I usually go in there and grab a handful of old Family Fun Mags or SL or BHG to take along. I always end up finding a new recipe or idea that I hadn't noticed before. I don't buy as many these days. Blogs are like magazines in a way, for me! Great tips, recipes, stories, ideas, lots of know!
    Have a great day!
    :) Jen

  4. oh my gosh - this is a post sooo many of us can relate to- and could have written....for goodness sakes i had to bring copious copies of my two fave austr mags over with me in our furniture- not our hand luggage as i had too many! its the cover isnt it- its soooo pretty and always promises the best shoes, paella, kids room.......i'm soo on your side pam- those men just do not get it!!!!!
    1993 is seriously impressive!
    m x

  5. What IS it? Me too. I find I actually "sneak" a few into the house. Make believe they've been in my pile forever. Sick. It's a sickness. I see no cure in sight!

  6. your not alone.... but recently i had to purge. it was a dare from my husband. now the new rule is one magazine in, one magazine out. boo hoo!

  7. Hi Pam! I can relate to this! In recent years, I've pared the mags way down, both in subscriptions and "keepers." I've learned to tear out my fave stuff and toss the rest out (besides, they're mostly full of ads, anyway). Right now, I'm subscribing to Coastal Living and Country Living (and Cooking Light, but I'm letting it run out). I do keep the full issues of Coastal Living though. Oh yes, and La Vie Claire (which I need to subscribe to)! You HAVE seen La Vie Claire, haven't you? Eye candy and inspirational fo sho!

  8. Finally, somebody gets it!!! Hello, my name is anne, I am a magazineaholic.......though, I'm learning to read em' from the library, and let em' go. But, I have to admit it's a serious exercise in self control to NOT buy one every time I go to the grocery store, Target, Barnes & Noble, need I go on? You go Pam!

  9. Oh Pam, this is me too! Except that instead of neatly-bound magazines, I have the torn-out "swipes" of the pages I wanted from each issue, all jumbled together in two huge file cabinets. Someday I'll organize them...someday. And can I just say that you inspire me to no end here with this fabulous blog? Pam, most days I can't even get the dishes washed and the baby fed, let alone even think about blog posts! I wonder how I'll ever do it when my blog is (finally) ready - you are absolutely my inspiration!! We have so many similarities, with traveling husbands, a bunch of kids in different stages, and a focus on being as natural, wholesome and healthy as possible - you are doing all of it so well, and creating a really captivating blog in the process!!! xoxox

  10. thank goodness i am not alone. i am trying to clear out my house to put it up for sale and i can't part with the magazines. my favorites are the ones that i collected while living in europe. did you know that most magazines in england come with a free gift wrapped on the outside??? now that was double the excitement!!! i also have many treasures from france and italy that i will never part with.