Sunday, May 23, 2010


 Our weekend....

1 road race...yeah Hannah!

6 baseball games between Stephen and Will. Will is #4 in the purple.

1 Family Movie Night. Napoleon Dynamite. We are a bit obsessed with quoting lines from this movie. "Break the wrist and walk away" ~ Rex Quondo. This one is for you Sarah 

1 knitting new obsession.  Soulemama watch out. I LOVE her blog.

1 nap with Dad.

1 sleepover (I know, I know..I caved.) Complete with makeup and junkfood and late night girl talk.

Lots of yard work.

Add a cookout with family...dinner on the beach....and you have yourself a busy but fun weekend.

Hope yours was fun too!! Happy Week-ending!


  1. love that Hannah did a road race! yay Hannah!!

  2. OMG! Been a long time since my weekend was that full. I hate to admit it but I do not miss ball games. Glad that stage is over for sure! You were made for this role is YOU!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I hope you are making Griffy one of those vests on Soulemama's blog...super cute....AND Hannah is so absolutely GORGEOUS...and that Griff, well, can I have a bite?? xoxo

  4. what a busy weekend! i luv the pic of Grif & Daddy & Hannah & friend! and the rhododendrons, too! we have been watching I Love Lucy & the kids totally get a kick out of it! we were busy boating (kids & hubby wakeboarded) and bbq'ing. knitting? how do you have time for that? course you can do that at the ball games~silly me!!

  5. Is there anything cuter than dads napping with their babies? I love that picture, and Griffy's round face--squeeze it!
    Hannah has the sweetest smile on her face after her race. What a doll.
    Busy lady--and knitting too? What don't you do?
    Oh, that's right. You don't like housework.
    Oh yeah. Me neither.

  6. Dad & Griff - I croak. A face that melts many hearts!!!!!!!!!! Naps w/Dad = heaven!
    Yea Hannah - a road warrior! So cool...
    Your weekend was chock full. Fun too.

  7. What a wonderful weekend! You have the most beautiful family, and though it was busy, you got to spend it with them. Treasure!!

  8. yours sounds like it too was heaven....we need to cave for our girls at times...sleepovers are magic when you are that age aren't they...every time i see your photos- the itch to visit america just grows!! and you've started knitting so your sewing will have to wait- {see i just bought you more time!}...where as i think i have only ever managed one scarf for a human child and one for a doll!!!!
    happy monday hon
    melissa always manage to be in the moment with your kids- i love that about you...