Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea, Angels and Silly Bands

My new favorite tea of the moment. I have a cup every afternoon..right about now. Don't you feel sluggish at 3:00? I do. A nap would be ideal but not happening. Maybe during the summer when I'm not driving all over creation. Anyway, this is Harney and Son's Green Tea with Thai flavors...coconut, vanilla, ginger. It smells delish. Try it. Plus it comes in a very cute tin.

So thanks to all for the well wishes for my mom. Her surgery went great..she's recovering and will start radiation soon. Living on Marthas Vineyard doesn't make trips to Boston easy...but do you know of Angel Flights? Can I just tell you what an amazing service this is? Pilots and plane owners DONATE their time and planes to fly patients off island to their treatment centers. There are some extrememly generous people in this world.

And see this face? Would you believe me if I told you he threw the biggest fit in the dentist chair today? I know...hard to believe isn't it? No, not this sweet child. At one point the dentist told me to leave because she thought I was making him freak out more. A cavity is a great lesson to take care of your teeth. This is our first experience with cavities. Hope it's our last. He calmed down a bit when the dentist said he could pick one of these when she was done.

Do you have silly bands? They are the new rage here. I wish I invented them.


  1. Oh yes, we have silly bands & we have been arguing over who gets which one!!! Love the tea suggestion & I am oh so sorry about the dentist trip~yucko for you & Will, too! I hope that your mom's treatments go well~will be thinking of you both:)

  2. looking forward to trying your favorite tea! that 3 o'clock hour is terribly tough for me as well! thanks!

  3. ooohh...I have the green tea w/jasmine (i think) in the white tin....I bought it just for the tin, so I will FOR SURE be trying this sounds yummy.

    So glad to know your Mom's surgery went well, continued prayers for healing. I have never heard of Angel Flights, what a wonderful program!

    Ok...I have also never heard of silly bands, and neither have ny boys, they must be too old..:)

  4. I've been wanting to do a post for ages on sealants. Our dentist puts a coating of the same agent used for white fillings, but just to coat over the deep crevices in their molars. My first daughter had two cavities at age five because her crevices were so pronounced and it has been something we do as soon as molars emerge for the other two. No more cavities. The dentist does not usually suggest this because insurance companies only cover adult teeth. It was not terribly expensive and so worth it.

  5. Pam everyone in the teepee is praying for your mom. Stop by and read the comments. Love you!

  6. Glad your mom is well.
    We have tons of silly bands...some days Zac has about 6 on each arm. That is just one of the many things I wish I would have invented.
    Have a good night!

  7. So glad to hear your Mom's surgery went so well, Pam. That's a great teatime photo you've got there, too - the colors are perfect with the magazine! Poor Will - hope it was his first and last cavity! And yes, Silly Bands are just that - very silly, and all the rage here too! It could be worse - they could be made of candy...xoxo

  8. I'm so happy to hear about your mom. I've been wondering.
    And I have a hilarious set of pics from when Tucker had his first dentist appt at 3. It was not pretty.
    But I think I may have punched any dentist that told me, as his mom, that I was making it worse. Hello! Do you know who pays the bill? Yep. It's mom.
    So butt out!

  9. Pam - Glad to hear that surgery for your Mom went well. Sending good thoughts your way.

    The tea sounds delicious! Perfect for summer too. I hope I can find it around here!

  10. Hi!
    First time commenting!
    Love you blog!!
    Not usually a tea drinker, but maybe it's about's the 2:00 sluggish hour around here...maybe this would help!
    Have heard about those bracelets, but they haven't hit our home yet...I'm sure it wont' be long!! :)
    Enjoy the day!

  11. Just found your blog and I had to comment. We just started in with the Silly Bands. Right now they are the incentive that is keeping my little ballerina in check at school. They are the new "pogs." Do you remember those?

    Your photos are beautiful. I'll be following along.


  12. Your sweet little child is clever! He cooperated with the dentist to pick up bands later? What a nice trick for him.

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