Monday, May 3, 2010

First Communion...

We had a FULL weekend. It started out crazy trying to get Will in his "handsome outfit" (as he calls it)...for his First Communion. He woke up not wanting to go in his "handsome outfit"...good times. Well, after the ceremony was over he cheered up as soon as there was cake and presents.
And I'm thankful I got one picture of the four of them...
And then after brunch I was able to get a few pictures of them still "dressed"....
I'm very surprised that Stephen let me take a picture of him...just one though.

We had a great weekend. Today it was like summer! We went on a family walk on the beach...Stephen had a baseball game...lots of yard work and then dinner on the beach! It doesn't get any better than that in my book.

Oh and if you're wondering about my decision...there still isn't one.

And you know summer must be coming when the kids can shower outside after the beach!


  1. So all of these pics...your kids are beautiful...and the last one is priceless. :)

  2. i have the same picture of Ben in his "handsome" outfit from First Communion last year. he could not wait to get home and get out of his tie and blazer. boys are so funny. glad that you had a good weekend:)

  3. Precious pictures that you will look back on with a warm heart. I am so glad the day was lovely and the weather cooperated. Griffy is eatable!

  4. Still no decision? Let me know.
    And my favorite picture is the one of Stephen. I KNOW how hard it is to corner those teenage boys. Enjoy your weather. Ours is threatening to turn ugly this week. But I really shouldn't complain. Usually by now it's a lot worse.

  5. You are living my dream, supper and showers on the beach. Oh my. Such a handsome young man, and he doesn't even need the suit for me to say that. We had First Reconciliation. I was so thankful for the big smile on her face when she walked out. First communion next year.

  6. They all look so cute in their handsome outfits.
    Dinner on the beach sounds great.
    My kids love to use the outside shower we when go to the beach.
    looks like you had a wonderful weekend.
    Hope your week is just as good!

  7. I have been in london for a few days of mad fun with our bunch- your decisions are huge and i'm not surprised you've not made a decision yetxx. But today was obviously not a time to think about that- how gorgeous are your 4 and will looks proud as punch! i have to say that hannah reminds me soooo much of our ella- she is a natural with griff on her hip!!! how old is stephen- that formative time between child and teen is just sooo huge and he looks soo lovely..
    congradulations to all...
    melissa xx

  8. First Communion is just such a sweet time, isn't it? very lovely pics of a very lovely family:)

  9. Hi Pam - Congratulations on your son's First Holy Communion! He looks adorable in his "handsome" outfit. What a cutie. My brother (he's 9!) just made his Communion too. Such a great day!

  10. Adorable pictures!!! I have to catch up on your blog...vacation last week (getting ready the week before, and getting back on track this week). I love, love Hannah's dress. Lily? Everyone looks just so precious. I hope all is well.

  11. These are great pics of your kids...and I will take one little bite of Griffy please!!!! xoxo

  12. an outside shower!!! how fun!!! we have an aunt who lives out on the cape....and the kiddos love the outside shower!!! the pictures of the kiddos are wonderful!!! looks like it was a beautiful day!