Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wake up and 10 happy things

This is how I start my day. In the colder months hot water and lemon...in the summer a big cool glass of water and lemon. Don't get me wrong..I love my coffee but I have to have my water/lemon mix first. It cleanses and wakes up the old body after a long sleep (hopefully). Drinking it out of a pretty cup helps too.
The very sweet and creative Melissa at Miss Sew and so  asked me to name ten things that make me happy! I love her blog and how she  writes and that she lives across the pond in lovely England! Maybe she'll let me visit.
Here they are in no particular order...
1. A clean and organized house
2. Happy kids
3. A cup of tea at 3:00
4. Aprons
5. A stack of books by my bed
6. Antique shops
7. Friday
8. Fitting into my skinny jeans
9. A nap on a rainy day
10. When Steve comes home from a trip


  1. My mom has been doing hot water and lemon for years. She swears it makes her skin look younger! And Dr. Perricone recommends it too! Love your Happy List!

  2. My friend Lisa in Idaho always drank it too....Think I'll start, it's a great idea!
    Love me some Griffy....want to eat him up!

  3. oh you make me smile.....i would love you to come sit in my garden with a cup of tea any time you like honey...xxx

  4. awww! I love Melissa, too! What a sweet list:) I mentioned her blog in my post today about Anti-Procrastination:) Lemon is also awesome for preventing kidney stones!! hugs!

  5. I guess I should hop on this lemon wagon. All I'd have to do is walk outside and pick one off the tree. Tomorrow.
    And an organized house with happy kids are two of my favorites too

  6. LOve this Pam...ok I need to drink the hot water and lemon too, my Grandma just used to drink hot water!