Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today Mothering is Hard

Mothering is hard. Right now for me it's hard.
Sleepless babies vs. Middle school girls... babies win.
Emotional rollercoaster.
Wishing public schools had uniforms.
You don't have to like everyone...but you do have to be nice to everyone.
Envious of neighbors husbands that come home at 6...or 7...or 8. Or that don't travel to far away countries.
How can I be at 2 different baseball fields at the same time and pick up from ballet?
Ready for summer. 
Mothering is hard today.


  1. Whew! A lot on your plate for sure. Hang in there, Pam. You are doing a great job. Summer is almost here.
    Love your happy list. Naps, skinny jeans, happy kids, and a clean house...would be on my list too.

  2. Pam,
    My husband travels alot too, and it is hard with just my two boys! So, I can't even imagine how you do it. Hope you are learning to lean on others a little bit....really turn to your friends for carpools and other support when you need it. Big hugs to you and eyes up!

  3. I am with you Girl! Toby has worked 8-8 six days a week for the past 18 years...his only day off was Sunday. I was so happy when they closed the business and he has been home this past year (granted, unemployed, but home none the less) I remember having 3 in Little league, that would be 6 practices and six games a cant be two places at once, I had to try to get into a carpool or two. Toby did just get a new he works till 8pm 4 nights a week, every Saturday, and every other Sunday Stinks!! I would and still do get envious of neighbors whose husbands came home at "normal" times too...I will say, it was much harder when the kids were smaller and doing lots of sports, this time is a little easier, but it still stinks!! :)

    I still have 6 weeks till summer vacation!!

  4. hello honey- i have soo been's hard at times...& it's ok to be envious....we look at others & others look at us....& sometimes the grass *does seem greener* elsewhere....& sometimes *our own grass seems the greenest*...but it's all a case of are a brilliant mother and loving partner...sometimes a surprise weekend in a spa wouldn't go astray granted...but tomor is another day...and if it helps- i'm not far off how you feel today...i posted on my face book "we love our kids soo much...i'm sure a dog would be easier..."
    thinking of you....m xx

  5. Hang in there Pam! If you want me to fly out and help while Steve's gone, I'd be MORE than happy too. Just say the word.....the snow has finally beaten the joy out of me!!

  6. oh, but those baby cheeks. can I reach through and pinch those bad boys?

    I just keep chanting in my head "summer, summer, summer, summer...!"

  7. All I can say is: "..don't know how you do it." Each of us handles our baggage JUST right, wouldn't you say? You amaze me.

  8. Pam Love, just package that little chunky monkey and send him to me! That will help us both!!!!

  9. Hang in there. I wish I could come over for the day, you could teach me some cooking skillz and I could help with your driving and relieve you for a while from kid duty. I don't know when school's out in MA, but it can't be long, right?
    Take Griffy to the beach today and enjoy if you can.
    Thinking of you, friend.

  10. oh friend! I am feeling your pain right now. Travis has been away every week for at least 3 days since the beginning of the year. Today I had to be at piano, 2 baseball practices and Siri's riding lessons. i am definitely banging my head right now. it is really overwhelming sometimes.
    p.s. i am going to kidnap Griffy. so stinkin' cute.

  11. It makes you appreciate the days when everyone is home and no one has to be anywhere. Hope tomorrow is easier.

  12. I am with you...except for the travel part, which I think would be SO hard. Whenever I complain about those whose husbands get home reliably at 5 or 5:30, I think of those whose husbands travel...every night putting the kids to bed by yourself...urrrggggh. Not easy, no breaks, no downtime! I can't wait till school gets out...and summer is officially here.

  13. Hi Pam,

    Hope your day is turning out better than you thought...with such encouraging words from all these other moms that has to help a little!

    I was wondering if I could mention your blog in a post I want to do...mainly I want to talk about headers...and I love yours! I'll wait to hear from you before I write my post!
    Thanks~ ~Kerri