Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Other Love

They say to do what you love...write about what you're passionate about...right? I mainly write about being a mom. It's what I know. I do it every day. I like to think I know something about it by now. But, while at my kitchen sink tonight I was thinking about my other love. The beach. Griffy and I went to the beach this morning for a few hours. He sat and played under the umbrella. I brought my knitting. It was a beautiful morning. 
 I think it was an early release day for the Seniors here because I saw them all leaving school...headed to the beach. I thought back to my Senior year....I have so many memories of the beach. I think we all skipped school one day when it was nice and went to the beach. We had a specific dune that we hung out in...and I remember asking my Grandmother...yes...you heard me...my Nana to buy beer for us. She did. 
We spent Prom Night on the beach...with a bon fire and sleeping bags. Summers as a kid were spent on the beach...swimming lessons...sailing lessons. Steve and I met on a beach.  Every Christmas card photo has been and probably will be always taken on a beach.

And not just any beach. I've been to many beaches...all over the world actually. No beach can compare to my beach. I know the sand...how to drive over it..the smell at low tide .and that I'll still never get used to the coldness of the water. A walk on the beach has brought clarity to a troubled mind. A bonfire at night with the kids...making s'mores is just what our family needs when we feel pulled in too many directions. Watching each of my babies react to the touch of sand for the first time. Datenight with Steve never needs to be at some high priced restaurant.
The Beach. I don't just love it...I need it.  And so does Steve. It's probably our greatest love besides our family.
Now, if my view from my kitchen sink looked out at the beach...

"By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...you and me, you and me oh how happy we'll be" ~ Words by Harold Atteridge


  1. Pam, You are so very fortunate to be so close to your other love. I love how you write about it as if it were a dear friend. In a way, I guess it is! You and your beach have been through a lot together!
    Have a great night!
    :) Jen

  2. That was beautifully written.
    I have a confession. One I hope you can overlook, since we are now friends.
    I love the ocean. I love to listen to the waves and smell it and feel the breeze.
    I cannot abide sand. Just looking at that picture of your feet makes me cringe. I've tried. I've really tried.
    It is a fatal flaw.
    If I can walk the beach in shoes that don't let in sand, then I'm okay.
    I even did that when we walked along the Mediterranean.
    I'm a freak.
    Forgive me.
    And help me, please.

  3. oh this is why we are such dear bloggy friends together...i soo *understand* that second love...its innate...you can't imagine life without it...jen makes me laugh- that woman can deal with anything life throws at her bar sand...{tee hee}...for us here in the countryside for a while its something we regularly crave...i'll take any sand at the moment but its our sand- manly beach sand -that makes my heart really sing...the northern beaches of sydney is the sand that always takes me home...
    your feet look super happy in the *stuff* ...
    melissa x

  4. What a great post and like Jen said...you wrote about a dear friend and we could all tell!
    Growing up in FL, I have a love affair with the beach too...we are just temporarily separated at this point!:( Wishing to smell the beach about now...
    Enjoy the day...but something tells me you will!!:)

  5. i love your memories of the beach....and now your kids will have the same connection. there is something about the beach that puts my soul at ease....no where to go, sun on my face, kiddos happy...peace. thanks for sharing, great post!!!

  6. I have the same memories, and spent graduation day morning on the beach before commencement ceremonies with many of the senior class. We had a special rock we'd sit on and watch the sunset in La Jolla, and every August had a beach house for a month in Mission Beach. Fate has brought us to the mountains, but the beach will always be inside me.

  7. beautifully written.
    you've been walking around in my mind.. you've spoken my thoughts so well :)
    i could live forever content with just my family and my beach
    thank you

  8. Just beautiful. You ARE doing 1. what you should be doing: writing so well and loving being a mama and 2. beaching it. Deee-vine post. xoxo

  9. We only get to go to the beach a a couple times a year...that's why I look forward to summer so much! It's my favorite thing to do with my family. I think I said this the first time I read one of your posts....YOU ARE SO LUCKY!! BTW, beautiful post!

  10. Oh yes, the beach...the ocean... and everything that goes with it. I too, have a "beach love," but I don't get to see it often enough. Even though I live in NC, which has it's share of beaches, my true beach love is at the "other" ocean, in CA. Great post, Pam!

  11. Yep, you are a beach girl!! I love the beach too but have had to settle for being a water girl. Love looking at water & being on/near water! Precious pick~just like you & your writing. Hugs, Cathy

  12. Of all the great things you said in this post, "Steve and I met on a beach" jumped out at me. How about a post on that topic? It sounds hopelessly romantic, if you'd be willing to share!!