Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Happy Mom

Can I tell you what makes  my heart just sing??? Siblings not just being NICE to one another...but playing together...with out me even begging! I was nursing Griffy down for his nap late this afternoon and the window was open. I hear Stephen and Will outside playing catch....and Stephen giving Will helpful tips. THIS makes me sooo happy...I tell them all the time when they ask what I want for Mothers Day..Christmas..Birthday..etc. My response is always to just love and be nice to each other. (OK..sure I'd love a new Mac laptop or a J.Crew shopping spree)....

And then the UPS man brought this! (Don't you LOVE the UPS man??) awesome sister in law Nancy sent me homemade granola for Mother's day. She lives in VT and she and her husband own Stowe seafood....if you live in VT..go get their seafood. I've never had better shrimp!  Nancy and I were pregnant last year together with the babies. We had the exact same due date...her baby came two weeks drove me nuts! This is their first baby..a girl and she is the sweetest thing. Love little girls in pink tutu's. She looks mad that I'm taking her picture! Thanks Nan!


  1. love it when ups brings a little surprise!! & LOVE it when the kids play nicely together:) is that rhododendron in the lower left of the first photo? looks like it to me! my rhodo are just getting ready to burst forth~can't wait. Have a great day Pam!

  2. My mom sends my kids packages that come in the UPS anytime it comes down the street my kids run to the door.
    Love that your kids play nice. We are really working on that around here!
    Happy Day!

  3. I love that red bowl. Girl, you got some taste!
    And I think there's J Crew in St. George . . .
    Just Sayin'.

  4. Kids playing together nicely and without asking is lovely! Ooh, a new Mac laptop...that would also be lovely. Enjoy your granola...I love homemade granola.

  5. Stephen is a doll....and you and Steve are such good examples, that's why you have great kids!
    Will will remember times like that forever. Kudos!

  6. Oh, my kids have been playing nicely together lately as well. It just makes your heart sing. There is nothing like it. Now I'm craving granola.

  7. ok i'm coming over- you have granola!! & kids playing happily TOGETHER whilst one is going for a nap!!! ...i would give up my dream of a white apple mac every time for what you had this afternoon.....ok...just :) xx

    melissa x

  8. It's even better when they are adults and sooo close!

  9. Harmony & granola = an excellent day! Fo sho!