Friday, April 30, 2010

To Utah or to Nurse...someone tell me.

So here's the deal. I can't make a decision to save my life so I need someone to make this one for me. I would REALLY love to go to this Power of Moms retreat.....for many reasons. First let me give you the details...It's being held in Utah in June for 2 days. I live south of Boston and I'm nursing a baby 24/7. How could I make this work?

Griffy will be a year old in June and I'm really ready for him to be starting on some REAL food. He's not eating anything. I try him daily with baby food and he gags on all of it. All he wants is to nurse, nurse, nurse. I guess I could get the ol' pump back out and stock the freezer with bottles. Not that he'd take them but at least I would know he wouldn't starve.

It would be 2 nights...ok maybe 3 tops. So, do I use these next 6 weeks to wean the baby...get him to sleep through the night and go? Or do I not rush him out of nursing and maybe go next year?

I need to make this decision today..for my own peace of mind and because the "early bird" rate runs out if you don't mind could you let me know what you think asap? I'll be back to check the MANY comments I'll recieve after I finish nursing the baby. Thanks.


  1. Oh, I want to go so bad too! And I think it will be awesome. And I live far from AZ too...not as far as you.
    I am awful about leaving babies...awful. Could you take the next 6 weeks to get him used to bottles so that you know he'll take one?

  2. I think you should go. I"m with Sarah wondering if you could try and get him used to the bottle during the next 6 weeks. I'm sure it's a hard decision. I think you should go.

  3. I think you should go! Pam I was a nursing mama fool too, but at some point you need to get your life back. It's best for you and for your child, and not selfish or depriving him at all! You have done your job and done it well. He is old enough to go to the bottle and you should not feel guilty about it. It is not like he is 3 months, ya know? Start trying the bottle today!! I know it will be hard, and I wish you the very best!

  4. GO! It's Pam give and give and are such a good mommy, but this is a perfect time to
    start weaning, if that's what you want. XOXO

  5. I have so many things to say about this post. The first is this: If you go, I'll go. I don't say that lightly. It's quite a bit easier for me to get there, for sure. I thought about going, but . . . I have a hard time letting myself do stuff like that and leave my family. They are always fine without me, I know. But I've thought about it, and if you go, I'll go.
    Next: St. George is absolutely beautiful. You will love it there. It will be hot, hot, HOT! But . . . so? There's a lot of tennis there! And they have lighted tennis courts and play at night.
    Next: I had the hardest time getting Eve to take a bottle this time. And there were a few instances where I HAD to leave her, because of Heidi's wedding. I had everyone else in the house try the bottle and finally, after weeks, she will take it. It's not easy, and I totally understand. Have you tried juice in the bottle? Have you tried those little bottles that force-feed them solids? I tried those and could never get them to work, but some people swear by them.
    I struggle with the weaning and abandoning my baby and letting them grow up. It's hard. But . . . he'll survive. And so will you.
    And I'll bring my pump, because Evie will only be seven months old.
    Whaddaya say?

  6. Oh! I am so glad I do not have to make this decision. I'm sure whatever you decide will be the right choice...don't you hate when people say that. It sounds like the trip would be a great time...but then there's next year too.
    Good luck! Just go with your gut! How's that!

  7. I think you should go! Do this for yourself! Six weeks will give you plenty of time to make the transition!

  8. Pam Love, you have 6 weeks to wean it! It is time no matter what you decide about the trip. I think you deserve your life back. Go and enjoy yourself.

  9. Pray about it & you will make the right decision. No worries Pam. You are a very devoted mom & you will figure out what is best for you. I will say a prayer, too & maybe you will have your answer a bit faster!

  10. Forgot to say how much I am in love with those toes!! And very envious of your beautiful "spring going into summer" blog header. Jealous, I tell you!

  11. Pam, email me so we can talk eachother into it!

  12. I nursed my last daughter until almost two. I got so much flack for it. But I knew she was the last and I was happy nursing. She would have kept nursing for much longer too. Sometimes we need a good reason to make the decision. Physically he is more than ready to wean, but are you wishing to be able to for longer? If there was a way to get to go plus be able to nurse when you return would it make your decision easier? It would be hard but possible. Or if once you've weaned him will you be happy with more freedom? You could make either one work.
    Good Luck with your decision,
    I am going to check out Power of Moms.

  13. hi pam, just popping in to do a little reading on your great blog. this one caught my eye...i nursed all 3 kids until they were 1. when sam (my oldest) was 7.5 months i had the opportunity to travel to CA with steve. i went. it was soo hard - he was my first baby!! but i got him used to a bottle, so he took that while i was gone. i pumped when i was in CA and resumed nursing when i returned - sam was MORE than happy to continue and my body cooperated :). it really turned out well for both of us...would this be an option for you? seems like a tough decision to make if you would have to quit cold turkey - well, unless of course, you feel ready for that. just and option to think about. i think you deserve the time away if you can swing it!