Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Own TV show...

Sometimes I think my job as a parent would be sooo much easier if there were no fast food restaraunts and no stupid television shows. Really..just those two things would help me out.  Do you know what I go through every time we pass a McDonalds in the car? Maybe I should start making up my own Happy Meals complete with toy. Wait...I pretty much do that every day with Will's lunch box. Why isn't that good enough?

And you all know how I feel about there a need for like 700 channels? When I was a kid (yes, here we go again..) there were 4 channels. PBS, NBC, CBS and ABC. I'm pretty sure that was it. Or maybe that's just what my parents told me. We weren't allowed to watch a lot of was Little House on the Prairie and Brady Bunch. I remember my dad watching Archie Bunker... I don't remember my mom watching tv at all. It was funny to me to go to friends houses and see their moms watching their "shows" know..soap operas. My mom didn't watch those...I don't think. Who knows though once we were all off at school.

I'm amazed at how tv has changed..and not just the number of channels on the set. I was nursing the baby to sleep tonight and decided to see what was on....It is ALL reality shows. Real people dancing, singing, losing weight, decorating houses, having babies, surviving on deserted islands, getting's kind of funny isn't it? To think that any one of us could be famous? Maybe they'll run a mom blog tv show...I could have a camera crew follow me around all day. Don't you  want to see me shopping in Target...changing diapers and nursing and driving kids around? You know you do.


  1. I know! I seem to spend my TV time blogging these days. At least I am being creative and involved in something and not just watching other people do those things you mentioned.
    And was 4 channels, and I remember my Dad calling me from playing to come to change the channel for him...before remotes. Wow! Things have really changed.
    Happy day!
    :) Jen

  2. There are a ton of channels and always nothing on. We used to watch a lot of TV but now it's a joy when it's off. We still watch a few shows but I don't have to always have it if I can just get my kids to have that same desire.

  3. Same!! Dad watched Archie Bunker, Hogan's Heroes,
    my mom never sat and watched t.v. It's disgusting how much garbage there is on t.v.! I tell Andrew and his friends to get outside and build a fort!

  4. Well I watch 2 shows each week...Brothers and Sisters with Sally Field ( always loved her) and NCIS with Mark Harmon ( aways loved him too). Neither are reality , both are very good. The rest of the time you will find me painting or blogging! ;)

  5. I would love to have a TV crew film me nursing the baby and blogging at the same time. If it weren't so private, it would be hilarious!
    As for McDonald's, I heard a news clip on the radio yesterday that CA may outlaw toys in kids' meals because it encourages them to eat unhealthy stuff. Really?