Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Wedding Day

No it's not my wedding anniversary. But it's wedding season...I wish we were going to a wedding. Maybe it's the J.Crew catalogs with all the dresses that have me thinking weddings.  Steve and I got married a week before Christmas.  We were engaged at Christmas time and we really wanted a Christmas wedding.  Steve was also starting flight school in January so we wanted to get married before that....

I would not change one thing about my wedding..not one. I loved my wedding. And I still love my dress! Can I tell you the story about my dress? It wasn't bought on a mother/daughter dress shopping day unfortunately. Steve and I were living together in Boston and on my way home from work I decided to check out the Filene's basement wedding dress sale....there is usually a line out the door to get in...girls fighting each other for dresses...a crazy scene. Not how I imagined shopping for my wedding dress. I told myself I'd just walk in and walk out...well there it was. Calling my name. I tried it on in the open dressing rooms with a million other girls and a few of them said...That dress was made for you. And it was. And the best was $199...marked down from $1500.

So, here are a few pictures from our day. That's me in the house I grew up in.
I love this of my younger brothers getting ready...

Don't you love a man in uniform?

My sister and I trying hard to fix the train..
It was freezing outside..remember it's December. I think Steve's hat is too big.
Don't you love weddings? What do you think of renewing vows? Steve and I talked about doing it once...I wonder if I could squeeze myself into that dress again.


  1. i think that is completely romantic- both getting married at christmas and re-newing your you would love steve for so many other reasons , as well, now.....
    i have never thought christmas could be bettered by anything- but perhaps a wedding at christmas takes the cake....lovely reminising with you!
    melissa x

  2. Soul sisters, fo sho & once again. We're a December wedding too! LOVED your photos, dear one!!!!

  3. Great post...and not even on your anniversary. I was just shoving my wedding dress out of the way yesterday when I was trying to get to something in the back of the hall closet....didn't even think twice about it. We will be married 20 years next June...I know I couldn't squeeze into mine, but renewing our vows would be nice.
    Lovely photos.

  4. I didn't think I could enjoy another wedding post after all that's been going on here.
    But I have to say that yours is the ONLY dress I've seen from that time period that I love today. That is gorgeous. And so romantic to marry a guy in uniform. Not all of us can fulfill that Debra Winger dream!

  5. Great photos...I loved looking at them. My daughters wedding is this November. I am both excited and anxious to have it perfect. She , on the other hand, only wants it need to fret perfect. She says " Mom I want to enjoy the day and I want you to do the same" How can I go wrong? We WILL have fun.

  6. I love your dress too. It would be something I would have worn. ( I think you've already seen my wedding dress post.) It is timeless. You had a beautiful Grace Kelly aura about you. Isn't it nice to know you wouldn't do anything different. I think the only thing I would change is registering for China. I'm not a china girl and always feel guilty about the set collecting dust in the cupboard. Fortunately I'm still very happy with my choice of partner though. So I guess I was successful with the important decisions!

  7. Really great dress.

    I don't know if I'd renew my vows. It sounds romantic, but so does leaving all of the kids and going someplace special--just the two of us--to rekindle a little AMOUR! ;)

  8. such sweet pics!! I do agree with Dana about the china~used it a lot early on & now can't think if I have used in the last 5 years! (I think my mom tried to tell me) My parents renewed their vows on their 40th, just immediate family & it was so sweet & touching. Maybe wait a bit till your kids can remember it! or do it now & in the future! & take that great trip that Anna mentioned!