Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cheating on my House

So on my walk today I discreetly took some pictures of some houses on my route...after Sarah's recent blog about homes in her neighborhood I thought it ok to do the same...I LOVE houses....especially antique ones. My dad is always telling me I should get my real estate liscense. I'm constantly looking at the MLS to see what homes are for sale. We really have no intention of moving....yet. I know this isn't the last house though so what's the harm in seeing what's out there? This house above is pretty cool huh? I think they have ocean views from the top floor...the house looks really neat at night all light up.

This house probably has one of the best views in town....lucky.
This sweet house looks like Hansel and Gretels...
Wouldn't you love your own dock? Then of course you'd need a boat right?
This is just pure heaven for me. Not only do those homes have water views and walk to schools...library...but they're old homes. That right there seals the deal. I miss living in an old home...I know there is another one in my future...until then I'll just bang up my home to make it look old.


  1. love the tour of homes!!! wow!! i'm with you on the old home...we will forever be working on ours!!! its definitley a commitment...but love all the imperfections.

  2. Okay, I'm moving into the grey clapboard with red shutters!! We'll be neighbors and cook together, and I'll get to babysit Griffy while you're getting your RE license. lol. I love the home tour! I look all the time too....I'm pretty sure they'll bury me here at the ranch, but I like to look anyway. Never stop dreaming! By the way, I love YOUR home too!

  3. You live in such a beautiful area and I love all those homes! Keep dreaming big! You will be back in an old home someday. I plan to do that too!

  4. Just the fact that you can take a walk and see all this beauty makes me so happy for you...old house or new! Love the photos!

  5. gorgeous neighborhood. I believe you have inspired me to take my camera on my next walk.


  6. ok, now I want you to knock on all those doors and ask for an inside tour with your camera in tow.
    i know, that's one step too far, when we are already voyeurs.
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE those houses. my favorite style ever.

  7. What a beautiful route for a walk!

  8. Which ones are for sale? I'm on my way.
    But what about a pic of your house? Wanna see!

  9. Ohhh...how ever so lovely!!! I want to now peek inside all the homes. I would love to find an older home with "space" but yet be close enough to everything. I am so envious of that neighborhood. I would definitely cheat on my home if I were in your shoes. :)

    Great pics!


  10. Thanks for the tour - beautiful homes! My favorite part of trick or treating with my son used to be getting to walk around at night and see into all the homes that were lit up. LOVE peeking into homes - especially old homes with tons of character.

  11. luv the first one~i need white columns of some sort! & yes, if you have a dock, it is handy to have a boat! your post is great, as always! thanks for the lovely home tour (better than the 100 mags I have looked thru recently!)