Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Soul Sister

I think every girl needs a sister. Unfortunately, Hannah doesn't have one. I'm so sad about that! The closest thing she has to a sister is her cousin and we're lucky to have her! They look like sisters...people mistake them for sisters all the time. I'm sure they'll always be close.  My sister and I are close..we talk pretty much every day. We still trade clothes for crying out loud.

Even if you don't have a blood relative sister..I hope you have a soul sister. And speaking of...don't you just love that song "Soul Sister" by Train? I do.

*What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it?~ Jenny DeVries


  1. i soo understand that desire you have for hannah- i also have that for my son Sol- he is such a beautiful kid- & a wonderful PATIENT brother to his 2 sisters- sometimes i think he's just like to do 'boy-stuff' with a brother- he has really 'strong male friendships' which i hope fulfill this- & the girls 'keep' him lovely- i'm hoping it ends up a good balance!
    and for me- my sisters-in-law provide what i imagine a sister may have - and i value them for that....melissa x

  2. This picture gives me such a big smile!!
    Thanks soul sister!
    Big hugs for your Monday! XO

  3. Love the picture. I just wish I could see their faces.
    I have two sisters, neither of whom I am very close to. And much of it, I'm sure, is my own fault. I left Idaho, blah, blah, blah. But soul sisters, now I have a few of those.
    And Tucker sings that song to Evie all the time.

  4. love it! yep having a sister is the best~esp. after you get over those teen fighting years (you won't have to deal with that!). great photo!!

  5. CUTE pic...Lucy's FAVORITE song is Hey Soul Sister....I dont have a sister, BUT do have LOTS of soul sisters :)

  6. I am blessed with 2 sisters. I adore them. My daughter doesn't have a sister and that makes me sad. Brothers aren't the same.
    Still waiting to see what you did with all the Ikea stuff and to hear if Griffy likes his crib. Where have you been lately? xoxo

  7. I have a posse or Tee Pee filled with soul sisters! LOVED this happy pic! xoxo

  8. My daughter doesn't have a sister either...instead 2 little brothers. She used to say, "Mom, we need just 1 more baby...a sister." But when I would say, "Well, you know it could be another brother." She would say, "OK, forget it, Let's don't do it then!"
    I pray she will find a soul sister. Sweet pic!
    :) Jen

  9. yes i do LOVE that song!!! gets me singing every time!! love the picture too!!! you captured that moment perfectly!!! i always wanted a sister daughter is pretty content with the 1 brother and 3 boy cousins who are like brothers...she calls them "her boys" the great thing is..she has a lifetime to find that "soul sister"

  10. Sisters are the best! Both blood sisters and the sisters that we choose. Cute picture!! xoxo