Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Book Friday- cloth diapers

Does anyone else out there get excited about cloth diapers? My husband thinks I'm really weird. Maybe I am.

I started using cloth diapers with Hannah 11 years ago. Man, they have come a long way, just since then. We were living in Kentucky at the time...I was reading lots of Natural Parenting books and magazines and it made sense for me to try them out. I was surprised at how easy it was to adapt to them. I think what I loved most was washing day...(weird, I know.) We had a clothes line in the backyard and I can still see those cloth white diapers flapping in the breeze! I loved going out to the clothes line with my basket of diapers and clothespins...I probably had an apron on and bread in the I painting a pretty picture for you here??

Then along came Will and we moved to New life got busier and cloth diapers were just not fitting into my world there. I was driving kids around a lot to activities, I joined a club and played way too much tennis, (can you play too much tennis?)...needless to say, Will wore Pampers as a baby...and  he's just fine by the way. When we moved here and I got pregnant with Griffin I thought about cloth diapers again. My life was simpler...I was home more...and boy did they get cute! Look at all the colors!

I also make my own baby wipe could not be easier. I use an empty store bought baby wipe container...add warm water, aloe vera gel, a few drops of tea tree and lavender oils and a bit of baby soap/shampoo. I keep a basket of baby wash cloths nearby....

Now all I need is for Steve to put up a clothes line.....


  1. Hoorah for cloth diapers! (Btw, you have such a way with words, I love it!)

  2. Are you really Pioneer Woman in disguise?
    I have probably filled my own personal landfill with all of my disposable diapers. Seven kids . . . seven bums.
    I did try them with Heidi for a while. Just couldn't do it.
    But if you've got a picture of the apron and clothesline and bread, that would be fabulous!
    And that picture is so darling!

  3. Where were you 13 years ago? I would have loved making my own wipes. I bet the wipes smell good! I'll agree with Carin, you have a way with words (and photos, too!)

  4. Pam, I used cloth diapers and was so happy that I did!!! You go durl....So happy that you're using them too!!!! ;)

  5. Pam I used cloth diapers too. I get the part about enjoying wash day. Life was simple then. No car pools yet! ;)
    BTW, those little fatty rolls in that picture are yummy looking. I could eat him!

  6. i am sooo with you Pam- there is nothing like clean cotton nappies & white sheets blowing in the breeze on the line & a clean , happy chubby little bub- alas all mine are tooooo big now but i don't think i'll ever lose that image....
    happy sunday to you & yours...

    miss sew & so

  7. Something this old gal did not do; but it's a lovely concept. I love hearing of your parenting. Those kids of yours are BLESSED!