Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I Don't Excercise...

You know when you know what you need to be doing but you just aren't doing it? Does that  make sense? I know I need to excercise...every day..I'm just not doing it. A simple walk every day would get me out and moving...but I'm just not doing it. It's one of those things that when I'm out there excercising I feel good..when I come home I feel great...but lately, even mustering up the energy to think about it makes me tired. The baby is not sleeping..AT ALL...and I'm exhausted. So, I'm going to cut me a little slack ok?

He's most likely my last baby...although, I heard Demi Moore (at 47) is considering another baby. If she can why can't I? Well, let's see...she's in fabulous shape to begin with. I could be in fabulous shape..if I just excercised daily. I eat's just the working out part that I'm lacking.  I'll get there..

So, back to Griffy being my last baby...I guess that's why I'm holding on to everything right him sleeping with me still. I really love having him in bed with me..especially when Steve travels..but what I don't really like is being a giant human pacifier ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm kinda done with that. Man, if he wasn't so darn cute.

Steve mentioned that maybe it's time to get a crib. I think I'm dreading that more than being the human pacifier all night long. At least with that I can stay in my bed and not have to get's called LAZY. I know we'll go out, get a crib, spend all weekend setting up and he won't spend one minute in it.

So, if I can give up sugar for 6 weeks I KNOW I can get my butt in shape before summer...right? So, here is my new something active (climbing the stairs with a 24lb baby in one hand and a full laundry basket in the other doesn't count)...every day. Not only will I look better in my summer clothes..I'll feel better.

Now, if we can just get this kid to sleep.....I'm off and running. (walking)


  1. Oh Pam, me lack of motivation lately. Let's keep each other accountable!

  2. It is so hard to get back in the groove of working out, but once you do it feels so great! For me...I HAVE to get dressed to drop Lucy off at pre-school, so I put on my workout clothes, and then MAKE myself drive straight to the gym because if I dont go then...I wont go...I cannot workout in the middle of the day or at night. I go to the gym, I am not a work out at home kind of this summer will pose a problem because I wont leave Lucy in the gym "daycare"...I might have to pay the big brothers, big money to watch her for me :)

    Maybe you could set a time everyday that you and Griff take a walk, right after the kids leave for school, or maybe when he wakes from his morning nap....sorry he hasn't been sleeping, that is so hard! xoxo

  3. Tucker was exactly the same kind of baby. And he was enormous too! Must be the open snack bar all night. I ended up having to be extremely cruel and let him cry at night for a while. At the time we lived in an apartment building in Chicago, so I think my neighbors hated it too. Good luck. It's not an easy thing on these boys to lose their mommies (not easy on mommies either).
    I know it's not tennis, but I would count 24-lb baby and laundry basket as exercise. Just sayin!

  4. Such a hard phase....really I think as women we all feel your pain. The only way I could get exercise during this phase was with my trusty aerobic step bench and a good TV show while the baby was in the bouncy seat! And dance, I would dance around the house alot!

  5. Even without a baby, I'm finding excuses. A close friend mentioned that i am never accountable to myself when it comes to exercise, but I am to others. If I know I have to meet someone for a walk it happens. So I've been lining up walking partners. But wouldn't you know it, today my youngest is home sick and hubby is away. It will happen though, she won't be sick forever.

  6. I think taking care of a baby is so very physical!! That being said, I think it is great to have a goal of daily exercise~but don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't happen every day. One thing that helps me is to write down what I have done.(Yes this winter I wrote down skiing!) I really like workout videos that are 20 min long (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred~it works very well for overall physique~ & Rejuvenation by Kathy Smith, Stay Firm Lower Body & Michelle Khai Kettleball~all avail @ Target. Also, our local mall had a Mommy & Me fitness class where the Moms would bring their kids in the stroller & would exercise. It looke like a fantastic program & a great way to meet other moms!

  7. Put Griffen in the stroller and both of you walk all morning. Bet he naps during the walk and you will feel great when it's over. One of my babies was not a sleeper. It's exhausting. The only way to break it is put him in a crib and let him cry. Sounds awful but it works. I know we all do what works best for our own situation but I must say that I loved crawling into my own bed away from kids at night. No wonder you are so tired. Try it! :)