Friday, April 2, 2010

Mantel or Mantle???

This is what I did last night...played with my mantel. I'm a "stuff" girl. I like my stuff. I am in no way a minimalist...more is more is my mantra. I don't think I have a specific style or any rules that I follow...I just like what I like.

One of my favorite decorators...Tracy Porter has been a big influence on how I decorate. I've followed her for years...last year I was a regular on her blog and met some fabulous women who I now call friends. These friends helped me tweak my mantel last night after a trip to the consignment shop. Thank you girls!!! I bought the two mirrors for 18 bucks a piece! The glass is beveled and they are heavy! (still have the price stickers on them)  I also scored 4 gold framed botanical prints at 12$ each. Two of which are propped up on the mantel....Steve brought me the potted tulip plant on his way home from work last night...awwww!

The rest of my house may look like crap but the mantel is always a quick and fun place for me to get my fix. By the do you spell mantel...or mantle??? I think you can spell it both ways....


  1. You did marvelous, and yes, with a little help from your friends! Great Job!!

  2. I've got some stuff to say!
    I absolutely love those mirrors, and I can't believe the price. Hello! And they could be used so many different ways! Are those branches brought in from outside to force to bloom? They are very cool, and I wish that was something you could do here in AZ. The lit candles are beautiful, and they really add. I always wish that I could pull off not symmetrical arrangements. Mine always look a little "off." Maybe I should consult you next time. Your fireplace itself is interesting. I like the asymmetry of the log place and the fireplace, and the mantel itself has gorgeous detail.
    Next, I was curious, so I looked up the word on the dictionary--I always thought it was mantle until about a year ago when I was corrected by someone I trust. But I looked up the definition to be sure. It's generally a mantel when talking about the fireplace and mantle when talking about a coat or responsibility.
    And lastly, do I see my book on your header? Let me know what you think.
    Have a great Easter!

  3. Luv to see. It is like I am in your livingroom too. Great to talk to you today!!! xoxo, Lara

  4. Beautifully done mantel and such fun!!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Easter. Dorsey just arrived home and we are getting ready for a long chat. Ahhhh, mother - daughter it!!!

  5. You, me, Tracy Porter, stuff. me a good mantel. Like Jen above, I googled it a year or so ago when I was corrected! Therefore your MANTEL looks deee-vine. Happy, happy, blessed Easter my friend!

  6. I am so not a decorator, so I'll leave those comments to those who are-except to say how much I adore tulips, wish I could have a yard full of them. I am, however, a lover of books, and I see one of my favorites, as well as one I really want to read on your headers-LOVE The Historian and really WANT to read The Help. You'll have to do book reviews!

  7. are just lovely. top to toe. A lovely person, a lovely mom...clearly a lovely wife.....I think the beauty you are sharing with your family is charming....cannot believe how little Griffin has grow , i remember when he was born, what a sweet chap he is. I am so happy for you, and proud of have a really nice voice to share with the delighted to know you are finding your way!! I am honored and humbled that you visit still now and again....always good to see you...( hear...write..chatter with...)
    Cheers, kisses and happiness to you my girl!!
    Tracy Porter