Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ikea...the new Disney World

So when your kids are on spring break and you're not going anywhere warm what do you do? We go to IKEA...man I LOVE Ikea. It's like an adult Disney World...little arrows telling you where to go...rooms all set up for you to dream about...really kid friendly....cafe with surpisingly decent food.

How cool is this bookshelf? I don't think I'd want to put anything in it....

I love these green countertops...and love the little one for the littles in the house...
I REALLY want open shelves in my kitchen...wouldn't these red ones be killer??
Don't you just love the little kids rooms in Ikea? Who wouldn't want to grow up in  this?
The kids love the french fries and mac and cheese...
Griffy got a new toy too....
I love the new fabric...I bought a few yards to see how it would look on my porch furniture....
Yes, I fit 4 kids and my stroller, a crib, crib mattress, lamps, a rug, a clock, and more stuff that I can't remember all in my car. I think Will is blocking his ears from Griffy's cries....

So, if you're looking for something fun to do over vacation that even the kids will enjoy...I guarantee Ikea will do it for you. It did it for us today...the kids and I had a blast.


  1. You took a very good care for your children.Modern kids bedding.

  2. love the half-term break trip to ikea!! when the weather is not garden weather where better to for the kids to expend some energy than lovely old trustworthy ikea!! i also bought a few metres of that fab material & made a gorgeous wall hanging for my daughters room! looked fantastic...if you have any left over?!
    kids are super cute & happy on the big ol'ikea trolley! but who wouldn't be!
    have a lovely tuesday with your fabric & goodies!
    melissa x

  3. IKEA, oh how I love you! So many wondrous things.
    But did I read correctly that there was a crib among your purchases?
    Gonna bite the bullet?

  4. I'm so excited to say we have an IKEA finally coming to Denver, and it will be close to me! Looks like you got a rug for your indoor porch area? Oh I hope it works for you! And yes, a crib? Let us know how it all goes!

  5. I am squealing with delight over your purchases...porch rug, fabric for wicker and a crib! Yippee!!!! You go girl!

  6. Just found your blog and it is oh so adorable, with great posts that really have me thinking. So, from my kitchen window to yours...hello. Oh and we have an Ikea about 2 hours from my home and I need to get there soon.

  7. Never been there. Love your purchases...can't wait to see them in their home.

  8. Me too! Put it together durl! xoxo What fun!

  9. Hi! This is a great post! I think this would make a great commercial. Kids in class..."What did you do over Spring Break" "We went to IKEA"....then all the other kids cheer and say..."oh, our family just went to the lake." Looks like you all had fun. I have not been brave enough to take my family yet, but I definately think now it will make a great field trip! Love your blog!
    :) Jen

  10. Hi again! I hung around to read some of your older posts. I am also a follower of Clover Lane. Your blog reminds me of hers very much! I am adding you to My Daily Reads. Now I see why everyone is asking about the crib purchased at IKEA. Do let us know how it goes!

  11. Pam...can't wait to see the Porch!!! AND the crib!! hee hee
    We have an Ikea VERY close, and I have not been there in at least 2 years...I need to go!!

  12. love Ikea! The nearest one to us is 3 hours away, though! Made a trip with hubby, kids & trailer (borrowed from neighbor). I had a great time & so did hubby. Kids: no, nope, never again (their words, not mine!). fun stuff! check my blog for my first giveaway! hugs!

  13. IKEA's in London are always full of couples trying to argue quietly! I love how you can get a whacking great bag of t light candles dirt cheap and their plants are really cool too!