Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Family

We've had such a busy, fun weekend. Ballet and violin recitals...baseball and more baseball...parades...yard work..neighborhood parties...dinners on the beach... I'm ready for summer! School doesn't get out here for a few more weeks...enough time for me to get myself organized and ready for 4 kids to be home ALL day. I didn't over schedule the kids this summer at all. I'm tired of driving. Stephen is playing baseball for half of the summer...the other half...well, we're looking for a J.O.B. That spells....JOB. We'll see how that works out. Hannah is playing tennis, sailing and taking golf lessons. Oh to be an almost 12 year old girl! I'm sure she'll be a HUGE help to me with the baby this summer too. Will is taking golf lessons also...and is thinking hard about playing football. I'm not pushing that one. And Griffy...well, he's still getting used to the beach. That's his only  job this summer. And maybe to sleep through the night. Just once. Please.
Hannah's end of the year ballet recital.

Fun in the backyard

Dinner on the beach

Will marching in the Memorial Day parade with his baseball team. He was so proud!

Another great weekend. Happy Family. Hope yours was happy too!


  1. New header is beautiful. And I love this picture post.
    I especially love your lush green backyard. Lucky girl.
    I'm praying for one night's sleep for you before that little sweetie turns one.
    And can you come cook for me? Dinner looks scrumptious!

  2. Love the new header too. We are adding "dinner on the beach" to our summer to-do list!
    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. Looks like a great weekend!
    We love a little slipin' and slidin' too, but wishing we had all those big trees in our backyard!!
    Dinner on the beach looked scrumptious!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. looks like you had a very busy and fun weekend! the photo of griffin on the beach blanket is precious! thanks for sharing!

  5. pam- your summer is almost there...i adore the photo of you and griff on the beach chair...just lovely...hannah is not much younger than our ella- its such a beautiful age- and they are sooo lovely...your new header is wonderful & so fresh...sounds like your all ready for the great weather...& i love that all griff has to do is learn to love the beach- wish i had his *summer Job*!
    melissa x

  6. Dinner looks delish! Oh what a sweet family. We may spend the whole summer trying on wedding gowns at this rate. ;) xoxo

  7. What an awesome post Pam! First i have blog header envy & just want to say that the new header is awesome! Love how happy you & Griffy look on the beach. Great job Will in the parade & Hannah, how graceful!! Love the rocks on the beach! Good luck to Stephen on the job search! We had a great weekend, too! Lots of boating & being with family & friends, a grad party attended, & my son marched & played trumpet in his first parade!

  8. Had fun catching up with you through your wonderful blog. Too much fun to read. Miss you tons...xoxo Lara

  9. oh pam, i ♥ your new pictures on your header - and the ones in your post are so great. what a wonderful weekend you all had! we are into our first week of summer (last thursday was our last day of school) and it is WONDERFUL!!! we are also keeping a fairly low-key summer, as requested by my newly graduated 5th grader ;)

    lots of fun ahead - enjoy the last few weeks of school. we are in summer mode - you won't be disappointed when you arrive!