Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Summer has begun!

It's been quite a week. A week that I wasn't expecting. I went to the Vineyard last week to help my mom who was in and out of the hospital. She's doing much better. Steve was able to work from home and be here for the 3 older kids. I'm so thankful for that. I am...down to my last couple of hours..literally...before school is out. I have mixed feelings about the summer. Looking forward to the beach and down time with the kids...but hope I'm able to keep the peace and stay on top of stuff while they're all home.

So..instead of writing...I'm posting my week in pictures...because I have SO much to do these last few hours of quiet time!!!

Visiting day at Will's school last week...

Headed to the Vineyard...

Spent a bit of time at my favorite farm...
Home in time for Griffy's 1st birthday.

First bite of cake.

We had a great Fathers' day too. Our weekend ended with a trip to the beach last night.

I'm off for my walk with the baby...and then they'll be home for the summer!


  1. Have no are going to love summer. The slower pace and limited schedule will be so good for all of you. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRIFF!! Oh, I just want to squeeze him! Take a deep breath, you're going to have a wonderful summer! Miss you! xoxo

  3. Love the group picture...your kids are just so cute! I keep reminding myself that summer is short and to let go of my need for order and perfection. Just enjoy! Before we know it we'll be shopping for back to school stuff!

  4. Happy Birthday Griffy!!!
    And a happy and relaxing beginning of summer to you and your family!
    Enjoy the day

  5. happy birthday gorgeous griffy! what a milestone- congrats on another 1st bday!
    lovely will with that gorgous smile looks soo proud at his open day...
    have a wonderful first week of summer hols my friend...
    melissa x

  6. Happy 1st Birthday Griffin!!!
    Happy Summer Pam....Enjoy!

  7. Happy Birthday to Griffin!
    Glad your Mom is doing good!
    Hope your kid's last week was fab...and happy summer to you all! Finally, right?