Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Books and Bowls

I am completely obsessed with Anthropologie. I walk into that store and I've died and gone to heaven. My mom had her second surgery my sister and her 2  year old Annie met Griffy and I there while we waited for my mom. Annie calls Griffin...Gricken. It's the cutest thing. Anyway, back to Anthropologie. If you ever need to buy a gift for someone..or for me..Anthropologie rocks. Everytime I go, I buy 2 new bowls. Aren't these fabulous? If you have to do dishes...and we all pretty much do...wouldn't your sink look so pretty filled with these? I'm telling you...this is why I want to rip the doors off my kitchen cabinets...these should not be hidden.

Have you read The Four Agreements? If should. I think it should be required reading for every human being. We'd all be better for it. It's a quick read and one you'll want to pass on..or keep on your bedside table to remind you to 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don't take anything personally. 3. Don't  make assumptions and 4. Always do your best.  Easy enough right?


  1. I am going to amazon right now to order that book. Sounds necessary.
    As for the bowls--I love pretty dishes, but my kids are SO ROUGH on them that I have a hard time justifying the price. But I have scored--I'm sending a lot of my old yucky stuff to BYU with Tucker, so I do get a few new ones.
    There can't be anyone rougher on dishes than a male college freshman! Not even a toddler.

  2. I read the 4 agreements years ago. I should pick it up again. Definitely good enough for a second read. Pam, you have talked about tearing off cabinet doors for a long time now. Go for it!

  3. Ok...I am feeling a bit out of the loop...never been to an Anthropologie store before!! I keep seeing it every where in blog land...I may need to take an online visit!:0
    Love that book the Four Agreements. it has been awhile for me too. I think a summer revisit is in order.
    Enjoy the day

    I keep meaning to find the time to post about my all time favorite parenting/family/life book...Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.
    A wonderful book about slowing down and building routines and rituals at home and oh so much more!! Life changing!!!
    Check it out!

  4. Your bowls are ADORABLE!
    Wishing you a happy happy day. xx

  5. Me too...I've never been to Anthropologie and never even heard of it until reading on others blogs. I was at Target today and I had Little Bee on my list of things to get, but they didn't have it. Maybe I will read Little Bee after the Four Agreements...which sounds like a must read! Never been a reader...but I'm going to promise myself those to reads this summer!

  6. Happened upon your blog and I like it. You seem like a good mom! Keep it up.

  7. Rip them thar cabinet doors off!
    Great bowls.....perfect in that kitchen of yours. I LOVE Anthro!
    Love your posts too...

  8. Anthro...One of my favorites too!!! It is always so warm and inviting, and I always get inspired. I really became obsessed with birds after shopping there one day.'s my desire to just fly away. Who knows? I have an app on my iPhone for the 4 Agreements. It is 48 Wisdom Cards from the author...always gets me thinking. Simple advice with deep messages... like !. Assume nothing 2. Become immune to poison 3.Ask for what you want 4. Do your best because you want to. I love that one, really gets you thinking about our intentions when we choose to do something. Are we doing it for ourselves, or out of fear of what others think of us? I hate to say it...aging is a great thing, when it comes to this. It is so freeing to do things because we WANT to!!! We are the authors our own story, and I love the stories you are telling us here. XOXO