Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life Lessons

I am all about sports and music lessons that my kids will hopefully enjoy throughout their life. Do I think Hannah will dance for the Boston Ballet....most likely not. Will Stephen play major league baseball...doubtful. It's not that I'm not supportive..I am. Believe me...I spend my days driving kids to and from activities. I just want my kids to be able to hit a golf ball, a tennis ball, play the down a mountain and sail a boat. All things they can enjoy 'til they're 80. I'm happy that Hannah is still dancing and that Stephen loves to play and is pretty darn good at baseball...but I think they'll thank me someday for pushing the other stuff.

I'm grateful that my parents thought it important also. I have fond memories of sailing lessons as a kid. My love of tennis started early in life. Both Steve and I have many family ski trip memories also. I want the same for my kids.


  1. So agree...Ben takes piano as well and sometimes he is so frustrated by practicing, but we remind him that it is a gift and one that he can do forever. Although football is his first love...i just shrug my shoulders because it will never go further than high school, but piano, golf etc...those are activities to last a lifetime.

  2. I had this experience with Tucker--he fought me so hard on the piano that I eventually let him quit when he was about 11. Last year he begged me to start him in piano again. See? Moms do know best!
    Just don't ever forget it!

  3. it is so true! give them a taste of some wonderful adventures & talents & then they will add to them. our favorite summer thing is boating: kids & hubby wakeboard & I water ski. it requires everyone to get along, lots of communication in tight space & of course, safety first!