Sunday, June 13, 2010

Missing my Baby

No more infant. No more baby. Although, of course he's still my baby. They're all my babies. But now the baby wants to move. He's barely one and he is already breaking away from me. Wanting to get down and crawl around and be with the other kids. Man I'm sad. What is so great about the stupid popcorn machine anyway? Just let me swaddle you please?? How funny would he look swaddled?

This is my last week of just Griffy and I. The kids will be home next week for summer. What should I do this week? Get ready for them all? Take naps? Go to the beach? Read my book...The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo...are you reading it? It's good.  I'm already wanting to get the next one. I never read the Twilight I couldn't take part in all of that hype. I am loving this book though. Someone asked me in a comment when I have time to read. I read a lot. I don't really watch tv...I read during the day while nursing the baby to sleep...I read in the car if that's where he's napping (I park myself at the beach)...and I read at night. I can never find my cellphone or my keys but my book is attached to my hip.


  1. I love looking at what is in other people's pantries to see what we have in common. Recognize Ritz, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and oatmeal.
    And I know how you feel about baby--today Evie had her first bottle of formula since she left the hospital. And she's crawling backwards. Where did the time go?
    If I had another week before summer, I would spend it napping and taking time for myself. That's what I'm already missing a little.

  2. Too funny that we are checking out your groceries : ) I'd read as much of your book as you can. With everyone home it will be difficult to find the quiet. Enjoy the toddler stage. I always loved when they started saying their first words and sentences. Watching as the little person emerged.

  3. If I had another week, I'd sit on that beach with a book, browse the bookstores, have coffee with a friend, clean out one thing that will help with managing kids in the Summer, and just relax. I was too hyped up that last week trying to get things done. It wasn't worth it. I'd just like to rewind and have a little calm. :)

  4. I get so much of my reading done in the car too while waiting for my kids! Do read the Twilight books. They will make you feel like a young girl in love! Can't believe Griffy is almost one. Seems like you had him yesterday!

  5. Oh that cutie patootie....I could eat him up!! I have been thinking the same thing...what do I want to do before all the teenagers are home all day?? I have been wondering if I should read "The Girl with the dragon Tatoo", I will add it to the list! I am reading the second book in the Twilight series, I drug my feet because of all the hype, but they are good!!

  6. Rest now Pam and then put all your energy into summer with the kids. This last week is for YOU!

  7. Our babies must have similar b-days!
    Aubrey just celebrated her first on the 12th!
    I cried!!! Good tears of course...but still tears!
    Enjoy your remaining days....

  8. yes, good book,a little disturbing...need to get the next one too! enjoy your last week...i would go to the beach!!