Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some things I love about Summer

My beach chair.
Not knowing what day of the week it is ...or the date.
Outdoor showers.
Sleeping in.


How relaxed we all are...sure, get on top of the car Will...why not.
I hope you all don't know what day of the week it is either.


  1. I love freckles too! Hannah's are adorable!
    Lovin' your beach pics!

  2. This looks so fun. Hope Griffy is liking the sand a little better. Enjoy tomorrow--it's Monday, in case you're wondering!

  3. oh my lucky are you!!! loving all of your summer pictures!!!! and those freckles!!!!

  4. Oh, freckles....God's little kisses....and Hannah is so darling! I love getting lost in the week too....xo!

  5. loooove your kids in all loook like you are on summer hols............ahhhhh! how deliciously gorgeous are those freckles- what a total cutie....
    melissa xx

  6. Hey there! Your blog is so cool- Just discovered it and I've caught myself stealing away at various moments today to keep reading. It makes me laugh, and makes me miss you and our great friendship so long ago. I have to tell you...This swimsuit Hannah (who is freaking adorable!) is wearing? Both my girls have it--from Tar-jay. And another picture I ran across of you holding the baby with a bag on your arm? Tracy Porter tote, the same bag was my gift to myself for Mother's Day. And my favorite cookbooks? Ina Garten. Hands down.
    All these years later...And still soul sisters!

  7. Perhaps I can be your live-in nanny?

  8. Hi Pam -
    I have been so bad about keeping up with everyone's blog and so I have been sitting here tonight and reading as much of each one as I can.
    I have been reading yours and it's, well, outstanding!!! I love so many things about it that about half way through I realized I should have jotted down notes to comment about to you. But I didn't. So let me just say, as your blog turned to July right before my very eyes(!) that I really need to make the effort to keep up. I am floored, floored, FLOORED at the talent!!!
    You are stupendous at this. Really. Keep it up!!
    Love, MA :)

  9. Hannah is beautiful-these are delightful are the REALLY fun ones below woth the kids -OVER THE MOON!! :)
    makes me happy to see you all here!