Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fashion Show, Book Review and a Bump

Hannah loves a good fashion show. I love it when each piece is under $10. I also love it when we agree on what she wants.

So...I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. Everyone that read it told me I'd be running to the bookstore to buy the next one. I'm not. was a page turner.. but only because I wanted to find out "who did it". I found it really disturbing. While reading it I found myself saying...this is the kind of crap that gives psychos ideas. I just don't get why people have to write about violence. Why do I need those images in my head? I don' therefore I'm done reading him.

Not a great picture ...but Griffy had his first real fall. He learned how to crawl UP the step...just not down. And of course during the SPLIT second I took my eye off of him...he fell down the one step onto his poor little noggin. I hate that this is the beginning of many more of these little bumps now that he's all over the place. Time to baby-proof the house.


  1. Loving the new header. That picture of Hannah jumping is quite amazing! Wow.
    Poor little Griffy. I hate it when they start bruising themselves. I know this is just around the corner . . .but at least Evie can cover hers with a bow if necessary.
    About the book: I started it, but I just couldn't get into it. So I never got to the disturbing parts. Glad to hear it's a "no miss."
    Happy 4th!

  2. So glad to have read your book review. I have a Borders gift card burning a hole in my purse...and I was considering this as one of my purchases. I don't need anything disturbing in my now I can find some new titles!
    Poor Griffy! That stage is so hard.
    Hannah is her little outfits.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great new pics and Hannah is adorable as usual...kiss Griffy's sweet noggin for me. Have a
    wonderful holiday weekend! xo

  4. that picture of hannah top left in your header is AMAZING!! it needs to be framed on the wall!!

    how interesting - my mother-in-law left me with that book & said 'read it or dont'- i have left it next to my bed since feb and just not been intriqued to pick it up AT ALL!
    & well....quite honestly now i am not going to- i've popped it in the oxfam bag....not interested in anything like that at the moment- i dont have the head space for it!
    so big thanks!!

    give griffy a little hug from across the waters from me- i can't bear kids toppling over- even though i know it happens to all of them- get out those safety locks for the kitchen cupboards as you've now hit the next *stage*...
    melissa x

  5. I'm so glad you told me before I bought it..I'm not much of a mystery girl myself and certaintly not a violent thriller mystery girl either.
    Sometimes the most talked about books are the suckiest. It's made me lose hope in the Bestseller Lists and think, "What kind of taste do we have in this country where these lame books can be the most read?"
    I'm reading Molokai right now. Good one.

  6. As always...I look forward to your new headers!

    Ouch! Looks like Griffy's head is going to turn black and blue...poor guy.

    Your daughter is just the cutest! I like the second picture.

  7. Hannah has a great sense of cute and stylish!
    Poor Griffin...It's like you know that first big boo boo is coming but it still hurts us more! Mine always did that the day before we were suppossed to get their picture made. Really!
    Have a great day! Love the header!

  8. Pam, I looove your new header!!! Hannah is growing so quickly, I loved her fashion show, she's just lovely!! I love her expressions in all of the pictures, what a beautiful young lady!!! And, poor Griffy!!! Sam has gotten three goose eggs on his head in the past week, just from only having two speeds, run and stop. Sometimes the "stop" comes when runs headlong into the corner of the dresser....but after the initial trauma, he's fine, and I'm left traumatized by the goose egg on his forehead! Hope Griffy is better...xoxox

  9. CUTE CUTE Hannah!! Love each outfit, but the white is my fave!!
    So..I started the book, but am not very far...not sure if I will finish..thanks for your review :)
    poor Griffy, all those little falls while exploring your world...xoxo

  10. Hannah - your look is just so cool! You rock those fashions! Dear Griffy....please be careful.
    Like you, Pam...I have that book in my stack. Read 20 pages; couldn't get into. I've been told I have to get to page 50. But, now, I dunno. I do NOT need that ____ in my head. Happy summer!

  11. Isn't it funny! We are both 42 , I aman empty nester and you are bay proofing your house! Trust me ~ take the time for date nights!

  12. Hannah! You look so cute in your new threads! I agree with Dawn - the white's my favorite, too. Poor Griffy.... :-( He looks so pitiful with his little boo-boo. The book.... I knew there must be a reason I've been putting off getting it and getting started reading it, but it's a book club pick and I've got to get it read before August. I had no idea what it was about and I do NOT like violence. I know I'm not going to like this one at all... Thanks for the review so I now have a heads up and can prepare myself, but I bet I don't finish.

  13. That Hannah has style! I loved all her choices. xoxo Gretchen

  14. Hi Pam -
    Hannah's looking soooo beautiful and fashionable...and GROWN up I might add! And poor little Griffy and that First Lump. :( Kisses make the the best medicine you know... and I'm thinking you feel worse -- maybe Griffy can give YOU a kiss!
    About TGWTDT...It was one of the things I was going to comment about to you. I have it -- Don gave it and a few other books to me for Christmas. He never knows what they are about -- he just gets them. :) Anyway I read it only because I always finish a book I start but I did NOT like it either. I am not a big fan of mysteries to begin's always too convenient the way everything just works out in the end. Oh wait - it's because they make it up! The names and setting were unfamiliar and it was hard to follow sometimes. And, yes, Disturbing. Yuck.

    And who needs Disturbing when there are fashion shows and bruised foreheads to tend to? :)

    But I did read Little Bee too and really liked it!
    Happy 4th!
    Love, MA

  15. What a beauty...lover her fashion sense!!
    thanks for the book review...I have been wondering what all the hype was I know I can skip that one!
    Enjoy the day

    Great new header!!:)
    I can't get on the ball for monthly changes!!:)

  16. i love that Hannah still wears dresses....i am loving the white ruffle one!!!! yes...i found it a bit disturbing too. hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  17. Hannah looks so cool!! Loving all the fashions,especially the white. Her jump picture is so neat!!!! Kisses to Griffen's booboo.