Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Good To Be 12

Hannah turned 12 yesterday! Twelve years ago she was born in a German hospital. I shared a room with about 12 other mothers/babies. I checked myself out early. Seven days later we drove to Munich to get her a passport and three days later I was on a plane alone with two little kids...headed to the Cape to live with my mom for the summer while Steve attended Instructor Pilot training. I was alone A LOT during those early years...but this isn't about's about Hannah.
We had a great day celebrating Hannah yesterday! I made the Rainbow Cake finally! Easy and so much fun to eat!! Hannah had her mani/pedi and then we went to the beach. Out to dinner with  family and then back home for cake with friends. 
 Today, Steve is taking all the kids to an amusement park. The baby and I are staying home...don't feel bad for me...really. Griffy and I will try and deal with the house being quiet. Happy Birthday Hannah! It's good to be 12...We Love You!


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!
    And I have GOT to try that cake!
    Looks yummy, especially with the colorful candy on top.
    Enjoy the quiet day!!!

  2. That cake looks fabulous! I have a little girl who would love that, share the recipe/directions please! I also love the candles and candy on top, what a fun way to decorate. Cute new(ish) header, I love the picture of Hannah jumping with the flags, too cute!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww Hannah, 12 IS wonderful. How blessed you are, dear girl!

  4. Love the rainbow cake.Love the angle of these photos! Happy birthday Hannah! Such a Cutie!


    looks like wonderful weather & a beautiful cake!
    our ella just turned 12 in april- it is such a lovely age- and they look like similarly natured girls....growing up but totally delicious and involved in all of family life....what is it with parents that let their 12 yr olds live like 16 yr olds??

    she looks soo happy...

    melissa x

  6. Love the cake and the first picture with the candles--masterful.

  7. What a FUN cake! I love the picture you took on an angle of Hannah reading a birthday card! She looks so happy!