Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calenders, Cookbooks, and What I do in the Car

 Time to order my new calender. Most people get a new calender at the start of the New Year..but as Mom's our New Year starts when the school year starts...don't you think? I LOVE my momAgenda . I've been using one for a few years and it's perfect for moms. I love that there is a space at the bottom of each day for what's for dinner. And each year they come out with a new great color or pattern. I think I want orange this year... and I love that the calender year is August to August...perfect for moms. 

Do you know Susan Branch?  I have  a few of her cookbooks.... they're all illustrated by her.  I adore her Christmas book....and  her Summer book is always out on my desk this time of year. I bought this one in 1995...and I have been making her potato salad and brushetta since then...

So..I paint my the car. Always. It's weird, I know. I'm not a big mani/pedi type girl. I'd rather spend the money on books or something cute from Anthropologie. But, when I do want my nails done it's usually when we're going out somewhere. Like last night we went to a family BBQ on the Cape and I did my toes on the way down....and yes I see the toe hair that went unshaven...I know you're all saying.."eewww gross" but don't act like you don't have know you do. Let's just not talk about that anymore.

Hannah came home from the Vineyard tonight. She's been gone since Wednesday. Will slept in her bed every night...with his hat on. We all missed her!

I love when it's humid and Griffy's hair gets all curly!


  1. I love all those little fat rolls. I could eat him!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I think you are wonderful! I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog and have been passing you around to all that I know. :o) Have a happy Monday!

    Hugs from Kansas,

  3. I absolutely LOVE Susan Branch, and have ALL her cookbooks. You're right, her Christmas book is WONDERFUL!

    I paint my toes about five mins before we walk out the door for church...almost every Sunday (in Sandal weather:)

    I'll have to check out momagenda...yes, it's a new year!

    Glad I found you this weekend, and I look forward to reading.


  4. You crack me up....of course we all have toe hair! I'll have to check out Susan Branch too!
    I luuuuurve babies backs...I want to kiss Griffy
    all over his back and neck...darling cherub with his curly hair! xoxox Have a great week!!

  5. Pam, you are hilarious! I usually read blogs ( including yours ) on my lunchbreak at work. I literally laughed out loud at the toe hair comment. Speaking as a non-mommy, Griffy is so cute he makes my ovaries hurt. :)

    Best, Fellow SHS 86' Susan F.

  6. Hey Pam! Checked out your link for the mom agenda and it really looks like something I could use.... if you sign up for their mom bucks program and invite me- we could both get a discount!

    I would so love to ruffle Griffy's damp little curls- so sweet!

  7. Oh kill me!!!

    1. How do you paint your toes in the car???? mine would be a mess!!

    2. yes...i shave my toe hair too :)

    3. i want to kiss the back of Griffy's neck too!

    4. LOVE your new rug!

    5. I have never looked at a Susan Branch book...I will now!!


  8. I've missed you! When we landed in Chicago, I actually thought--hmmm. Pam's not THAT far away . . . Maybe next time in Boston.
    Toe hair--Brad teases me about that endlessly. Don't I have other flaws worth noting?
    How's the Griffer doing with his eating?

  9. 1. Toe hair - ick; but true. Shaved mine recently. I could NEVAH do the toe-in-car-trick. What a talent dahling.
    2. Griffy. He may be MIA and in Texas soon!
    3. Susan Branch: adore! Her Christmas book was given to me by Mom maybe 15 years ago. That Egg Nog recipe is the one we've made annually now...going on 15 years! YUM!
    4. I'm a planner-calendar-agenda JUNKIE

  10. Ha!Ha! The last time I painted my nails (hands, not feet)in the car...I ran into the bumper of the van in front of me in the car line. Oooops...luckily I was barely rolling and her bike rack saved the day!

  11. Too funny, Pam!! I just LOVE reading your blog! And love Susan Branch, too - have all her cookbooks. Do you subscribe to her newsletter - "Willard?" She used to mail out the hardcopy version many, many years ago.

  12. I JUST ordered a couple old Susan Branch books this very same week AND bought my 2011 calendar!!! Crazy.

  13. I just looked at the momagenda website. These planners look really neat and there are a lot to choose from! I'm just wondering if you could perhaps tell me which agenda you have used and like? Thanks!