Saturday, July 17, 2010

Portraits, Porches and Pretty shoes

Loving Deep Space Sparkle ...found them through a couple of blogs that I now can't remember. The kids did the self portrait and we love them. Just went to Target for frames...Will didn't want his picture taken with his...
..but his came out awesome!

So...give me your advice. We're almost done with the porch. I call it a porch...even though it's in the back of the's more like a 3 season room but who wants to say that? When we bought the house the sellers left the wicker furniture. It was a sage green and we've spray painted it black...the walls were painted salmon and the floor is a salmon colored tile...not my thing. Steve put up a high beadboard..painted that white and the walls Nantucket grey..which came out a bit too blue for me but Steve will lose it if I ask him to re-paint so I'm dealing. I ordered this rug and now I need to re-slipcover the cushions on the wicker. Should I go white or off white?

Speaking of Target...I've been staying away which has been good on the wallet...but when I went in today for frames I found all the back to school stuff. Now, I love back to school shopping..but c'mon..we have weeks left of summer..I'm not one of the mom's who shops early for Christmas or back to school...which usually means by the time we do get around to shopping...there is nothing left. Why do we have to rush everything? When I was in Micheal's craft store yesterday there was fall/Halloween decorations. Anyway...if I were going back to school I'd love to go in me some Anthropologie.


  1. The kid's portraits came out awesome...what cool artwork to have hanging in your home!

    I REALLY like the rug you picked out!!!!!!

  2. I've been wanting to do some Deep Space Sparkle. Seen some fun stuff. Hannah's looks just like her! Is she an artist? And there's no way my little boys would take the time to do that project. Kudos to Will. Where's Stephen's? :)
    I love the rug, and after seeing it and the porch, I would go off-white, for sure.
    As for back to school, I've already done most of the shopping. Just Micah left. But then again, school starts here in 3 1/2 weeks. So I'm not that far ahead of the game.
    I've got an idea for the shoes: What size do you wear? I'm a 7 1/2-8,and if you're the same, we can split the cost and send them back and forth across the country, like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."

  3. the self-portraits are precious!! such a great idea to frame them.

    i have 2 large frames in my daughter's room and i switch it up with her artwork a couple times each year. she took an art class at school where they did very similar work to deep space sparkle and she has some very cool projects!

    thanks for sharing the idea of the self-portrait...i think we'll give that a try too.

  4. if you go with white and zippers you can throw them in the wash with bleach whenever needed. Just be sure you wash the fabic first before having them made. love the rug.

  5. Love the artwork!

    Love to school shop in the early am or late late at night when nobody else is in there!
    We'll be heading to those aisles of Target and Wal mart before too long!

  6. Those portraits are awesome and I love the bead board on the "porch"!:)
    Must be the former teacher in me, but I love shopping for school supplies..but fall stuff out already is a bit much!!
    Enjoy the night

  7. L♥Ve the self-portraits! & i just checked out deep space sparkle for the first time, thanks to you!
    i agree with dianne ~ go with white slipcovers so you can bleach them.
    also love the anthro oxfords & the striped rug.
    thanks for the heads-up about school supplies & halloween decorations (it's JULY!!!). i will be sure to stay out of stores so these things don't infringe on my happy summer.

  8. I love the self-portraits! So cute! Cameron did one years ago, that I framed and still have. You know I love your porch any old way you want it!
    Love the black for sure!! xoxo

  9. Your kids did an amazing job with their portraits! Your porch is so spectacular. I would live out there all day if it were mine!

  10. Love this post & how busy Steve is on projects in the summer with baseball?? The poor man doesn't sleep, does he?

    Have you made slipcovers before? If not , make sure you was the fabric in hot water & dry it at least 3 times before you make them. I am having some made & the seamstress highly recommends this.

    Best to have a friend look at the fabric & tell you what color. Don't rely on u, as we can't see all the details of the room & where the colors change via monitors.

    Lovin the self portraits & so glad you are framing them~precious!

  11. Wow! Your kids did an amazing job on their portraits. In my opinion, there is no better art than a child's self portrait (at any age!). Thanks for the link!
    Patty from Deep Space Sparkle

  12. Portraits: perfect original art to hold onto forever!
    Porch Love: love the black, the D&A rug! I'd never leave that spot!

  13. LOVE the self portraits...they are priceless. Totally agree with you about hating everything in the stores too early.

  14. The self portraits are really good!
    The black wicker and rug are so pretty. I would go with white slips so you can clean them.
    Thanks for stopping by today, I always enjoy reading your blog. I would love to see a picture of your dining room with the celeste chandelier.