Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini-golf...not our thing

 Dear Kids...I get that you're getting on each others' nerves. Believe it or get on mine sometimes too. Honestly, you've all been getting along pretty well...except for the mini-golf day. Remember that day? Friday? That was fun huh? I guess mini-golf is just  not our thing. Man did we run home and cross that one off our list...glad it's done.

After mini-golf we went to a different beach. It kind of feels like cheating on your own beach.

Nothing like getting the family to the beach to re-group and laugh about the mini-golf fiasco. You have to be able to laugh at yourself right?


  1. Pam Love, you need to post some of these pics in the teepee. How big is Griffen now? Do share...and of course the beach!

  2. Mini golf must do that to a family! My blood pressure is usually pretty high by the end of the 18 holes! That's why we limit it to once or twice a summer.

    I really like the flip flop picture!

  3. Oh no! Not so good, huh?
    It can be stressful. I get stressed playing golf on the Wii! I agree with Kerri...such cute flops!
    And a beautiful beach!
    At least you got something else crossed off your summer list!

  4. Thank goodness THAT'S over with..huh??
    LOVE all these pics Pam!!

  5. Uh're scaring me...the girls want to go play next week!!!!:/
    Glad you got to end the evening at your favorite place though!
    Enjoy the night

  6. Hi Pam! I linked back to your blog today!
    Have a great day!