Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What we're doing..stupid tv...and speaking my mind.

Will took this picture of Hannah on the beach yesterday. Not bad Will!
And here is some of what we've been doing....painting birdhouses...
making ice cream. I bought an ice cream maker and I love it. So far we've made vanilla...peach...coffee oreo and black raspberry. It's so easy...and so good!
And finding more heart rocks on the beach....

Ok...so I am going to admit something. I watch the Bachelorette. I got sucked in and now I'm addicted. I don't watch tv...but I do watch this. Am I the only one? I like her...I think she's pretty normal. I hope she picks the guy from the Cape.

And here is one more thing I am going to share. If anyone knows me in real life they know I'm pretty outspoken. Sometimes that's not a good thing...but it's who I am. So, the other day the 3 boys and I were at BJ's...it's like Costco...only not as good but Costco closed down here and I'm left with BJ's....anyway...what I like about BJ's is that there is not only handicapped parking but parking for MOTHERS WITH INFANTS. So I park there. Well.. the other day I was leaving my parking space and I saw a woman pull in to my space as I left. In my rear view mirror I watched her get out...by herself...so what do I do? I back up...drive towards her...roll down my window...and say to her..."Where's your infant?" She looks at me and keeps walking...I say again..."Where's your infant?...These spots are meant for mothers with babies and I think it's not right that you are taking it" And I left.

That's what's been going on here.


  1. I just knew we'd be friends in the flesh! That interaction at the store is EXACTLY what I'd do.
    And that picture of Hannah is fabulous!

  2. Ditto Jen! :) That's ridiculous. I've been sucked into the Bachelor/ Bachelorette too...not yet this season though. It helped me count down the weeks when I was on bedrest with Sofi!

  3. Love seeing a slice of your life!

  4. Your kids are adorable and they did a great job on those bird houses!
    (For me and my husband...it's True Blood, LOL! Those of us who like TV have shows we really, REALLY like, don't we?)

  5. Gorgeous picture of your daughter! Have you been giving your son lessons! :)

    I wish I had the balls to speak up sometimes...instead I quietly think of things I wish I could of or would of said! Good for you!

  6. Sheepishly I admit that I've been watching the Bachelorette too. I haven't watched it in the past, but I'm hooked this season. My favorite is Chris from the Cape too! I hope she's smart and picks him :)

    Love the picture of Hannah, that's amazing photography skills, you should let him practice more often!

    As to the lady in the parking lot, good for you! I tend to make my thoughts known in much the same way. One time when I said something to a man with no kids and no wife-parking in the same kind of stall-he yelled at me and told me signs that don't have a code # are unenforceable and I should #@$!%^@$%!#@% Yeah, that wasn't so fun. Doesn't stop me from speaking my mind though!

  7. I have also gotten sucked into the Bachelorette! DVR it just to be sure that I don't miss it. Ahh! :o) Love Ali, think she's great. Like both of the guys, however according to US magazine I think she'll end up picking Roberto...in either case I hope it doesn't turn out like Jake and Vienna. LOL. Love your blog, so happy I found you, read it everyday!

    Love from Kansas,

  8. ok i'll admit..... i'm sucked into Bachelorette too!!! i started watching it because she is from a couple towns away...now i'm totally addicted...torn between chris and roberto!!! we love heart rocks too...and i have a wonderful pink lemonade recipe you should try!!! looks like you guys are having a great summer!!!

  9. Your daughter is beautiful, what a great picture.
    Good for you saying something to that lady! And as for the bachelorette, I am sucked in and have been for years, looking forward to tonight. My husband makes fun of me for watching.