Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reflections at the Sink

Can you see a reflection of yourself in your kitchen sink window? Maybe you don't have a window at your sink...if not, put a pretty mirror up. I saw that in a magazine once and thought it pretty cool. It might make doing the dishes more fun... During the day when I'm at my sink I see the kids the birds...our resident wild rabbit eating my basil...stare at the deck that desperately needs to be torn down. At night when it's dark..I look up and see myself. Usually looking pretty tired. Tired..and happy.


  1. Love it!
    I do all the same. Well, except the rabbit part. But I have awoke many a times to see just green stems where beautiful hosta leaves should be thanks to my resident mama deer and her babies. I used to get angry about it until I saw her twins then I thought 'ok, as long as she is raising babies' :)

    And also my chickens run through my lily of the valley surrounding my birch tree and chase chipmunks. Thats kinda fun to watch :)

    And I have so done the 'looking tired' thought about the reflection come late night.
    Love your addition "and happy".
    I am going to hang on to that :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  2. Hopefully by the time it is dark enough to see a reflection, the kids are in bed and I am sitting on the sofa with my hubby and a mug of mint chocolate chip ice-cream!!:) But I'll check tonight as I scoop my cream!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  3. I would love a window OR mirror...but alas, do not have either. Standing at my sink, I look out to the great room, can see the T.V. to watch the news while doing dishes, or cutting up veggies, or talk to family and dinner guests while I'm fritzing around in the kitchen. A mirror is a great idea!
    And look fabulous in your TP-pretty apron!

  4. I love my window over the sink. A perfect place to day dream or think about something really important... like what's for dessert! Happy Friday!

  5. Nope, not I. Like Kell, when at sink, I look at others watching the stupid-tube. Or my gaze is to the fireplace. Love it that you see The Great Outdoors!

  6. Sweet Pam...How blessed you are to have a window over your kitchen sink. (truly) I too, look into the greatroom.... to the fireplace... (I HAVE created a 'library wall' with many books that divide this great room/kitchen space... which I love...althought the BACK of this space faces the sink.... and I have created a 'backdrop' of different every changing little vignettes... and some tiny white lights and greens and seashells etc... but I am LOVING this idea of your's.. with a mirror there too!! (thank you for this idea!) :) xoxoxox San

  7. Aww... I love this shot, Pam. You look so cute in your apron! Since I don't spend much time at the kitchen sink, I don't get the view very ofteh. But when I do, I look out into the mudroom and through the mudroom window onto the swimming pool and back deck (which ALSO desparately needs to be torn down). Your mirror idea is great. xoxo