Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Do You Know....

When you're done having babies? When you run out of bedrooms? Out of money? When your spouse says no more? When you think you're too old? Or you're too tired? Or just ready for something else in  When you can hold an infant and hand him back to his mother with out your heart turning to mush?

Some women just know. I'm not one of them. Although for a few years there  I thought I was done. My 3rd child was starting preschool...I had an active social life...Steve and I were traveling. I had a taste of the other side of Motherhood. I won't lie to was fun. Exciting to be able to hop on a plane for a long weekend in the sun. Grocery shopping by myself. Lunch with the girls.

I'm thankful I had that time. Not because it was fun and easy....because I am savoring every minute of this baby now. I know that time will come again in my life. I don't know if I'll ever have a baby to hold again. Who turns my heart to mush.


  1. Oh my goodness..that pictures turns MY heart to mush!!
    This post was for me today!
    I am so NOT done...but wondering if it will ever be for us again???? I was done after on the "other side of motherhood" like you so eloquently put it, and then held a new born and it was all over...or just beginning...however you look at it! We waited 18 months for our sweet little baby and were TOTALLY surprised by her. This week has been so tough for me...she is almost one and it is the end of school and I so clearly remember where I was this time last year! My husband thinks I'm a little crazy, (but he would love it if it happened) and my 43rd b-day is looming...I KNOW God can perform miracles...I have 3 of them...but will he give us another???? My heart hopes yes!
    Thanks for this post!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Pam Darling, mothers like you should have a dozen! You love everything about it and are such a good parent.

  3. I totally should have a dozen.
    What a sweet picture!
    Happy day!

  4. Great post Pam! It's so hard to know....I'm right there with you. I'd adopt again in a minute if dh was on board for another. We have 3 girls sharing a bedroom...and it's still working. I don't know...wish I did!!!!

  5. That's a gorgeous photo, what mother's heart doesn't turn to mush holding a newborn, I'd like to know. For me, I just knew our family was complete. I felt like everyone was home. It's still mush time when I hold a tiny baby in my arms, or snuggled up on my shoulder. I just grab my friends' babies and love them up.

  6. This is interesting to me. Since I have more kids than most and I have such a huge spread in their ages, I deal with every stage of motherhood at once--married kid, college kid, high school kid, jr. high kid, elementary kid, kindergarten kid, potty-training kid and new baby kid.
    Having said that, I never felt like I was done. But I can fairly confidently say that Evie is last. I don't like saying it, because I love that new baby smell and time. But someone always has to be last. And now that I have a married child, . . . it just feels like the end.
    I think you'll know. I didn't understand that or feel that until now. But I still get a little hankering for this time of life to never end. . .
    Was that enough rambling?

  7. wow.... that's a tough one. my third was a surprise, my husband was good with 2. i was elated when #3 arrived.... i knew i wasn't done with 2. now he's 16 months old and i kinda know. he is the last and i'm ok with that. i think some mommies know and others don't. for those who don't, like you, i say keep them coming!

  8. Some are called (more naturally) to motherhood. I do believe you are one such "mom." I always think how very blessed your children are. xoxo

  9. I wish I had the answer for you, because it is very hard to close that door. Someday while your sitting on the beach in the quiet, the answer will come to you. Either that, or you will have a wonderful surprise~which you will embrace wholeheartedly. I can totally see you having another one.

  10. Cheaper by the Dozen, here comes Pam! Seriously, you are a gifted and warm mother in every way, and the world is better for children who come from your loving family. Anna was a "surprise" for us and we thought we were done before her; now, we can't imagine life without her. Every now and then I wonder if there is anyone else "waiting" for us... And with babies like Griffy, who could resist having more and more and more??!! Oh, he is just so scrumptiously adorable!

  11. awww, that picture is too much ♥ i knew i was done with once we had our 3rd...but i mourn every milestone that takes us out of each stage - babyhood, toddlerhood...etc. my "baby" starts kindergarten this fall! :( i already told my best friend that she will need to be at the steps of the school with a box of kleenex as i will be a puddle on the front steps. enjoy each day, pam and i know you do ♥

  12. pam ~
    that photo just about captures baby-scent.
    you're making all us of wonder, "am i done?"
    oh, mr. g... what a love bug.

    jill ~
    i'll be puddled-up right there beside you (in spirit) on the first day of kindergarten this fall! so will dawn. wish we could walk off, arm-in-arm, for a kindergarten coffee date!