Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stop and Smell the Christmas Tree

 This will be our 18th Christmas together and we've collected ornaments from all over the world.

We got this Santa in a helicopter in Germany...back when Steve was flying helicopters.

A woman on the Cape paints these oyster shells. My Father in law gave us this one years ago when we were living in Amherst NH. It is an exact replica of our home there. That's me pushing Will in the sled..Steve with the tree and Stephen and Hannah playing in the snow...years before Griffy. You can see a picture of our house here .

The homemade ones are the best aren't they? Hannah was amazed at how small her hand was.

Griffin just loves the tree. He is amazed by the lights and is always walking up to it and smelling it. I'm trying to stop and enjoy these little moments and not get all caught up in the craziness.


  1. Can I just tell you how much I love that picture of Griffy and the tree? That boy has scrumptious cheeks. Scrumptious! And you have a real tree? Lucky! I can pretend to smell it from here.

  2. Hey. Email me, would you? When we got our new computer I lost my whole address book.
    And I wish your kids WERE coming this weekend. Will and Micah could shoot some hoops, Lily and Hannah could listen to a little Bieber fever, Stephen and Ben could check out some girls, and Evie and Griffy could fight over blocks and knock down ornaments.
    Hope your weekend is romantic.

  3. Oh how I wish we could all go back and enjoy the simple things about Christmas the way Griffin is admiring your tree! Love your special ornaments too. The sentimental ones are always the best!

  4. Beautiful tree! I love Griffin's chubby cheeks. I just want to squeeze them!
    Is Steve still flying? Travis has a job flying overseas, six weeks on, six weeks off. He actually flies planes now.Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to know where he is. Somewhere in the Middle East.
    Thanks fore sharing the ornament stories. The handpainted one is beautiful!

  5. Love kid made ornaments! And that hand painted one of your house is beautiful. I need to get my tree decorating post moving!!:)
    Aubrey is loving the tree too!
    Enjoy the day

  6. so sweet! hugs,Cathy (thank you for linking up, you are the best!)

  7. That oyster shell ornament is so wonderful...a keepsake for sure. Griffy is cuter than ever.
    xoxo Gretchen

  8. He's so the pics and thanks for sharing some of your ornaments and stories about them! xoxo

  9. that hand painted oyster shell ornament is the nuts - I love it! Thanks for the scoop today, I looked thru your old posts and found the one you were talking about - oy. Sure gives me pause @ the whole dog topic! *sigh* ...

  10. The picture of Griffin looking at the tree (the last one)should be in a little frame that gets put out every December. I just love it!