Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun Weekending

Cookie Swaps
Final Nutcracker
Shopping and Hiding
French Martinis and Anniversary
Little Blue Bag (!!!)
Family Get Togethers
Overcooked Beef Tenderloin
Oh Well
Black Dog Sweatshirts For 10 Grandkids
Cousin Dance Performance
More Dishes
More Eating
More Painting


  1. what a weekend! sounds like a lot of fun ... been down and out up here, sidelined by a nasty bug that i'm hoping is on its way out ... loving these photos from the land of the living!

  2. What have you been painting? Love the red dining room, looks so fun & festive. I especially love the last picture with the juice box tucked behind the nice glass. Fun! Looks like a wonderful Christmas weekend.

  3. i love your Sunday evening poems. the kids look so cute!!

  4. Did you possiby paint those chairs black? :)
    The weekend looks so fun, especially the big family meal. Love the sweatshirts as i am partial to be black dogs. ( Ranger)

  5. I want to know about the little blue bag!

  6. I love my Black Dog cookbook!! Great fun all around for your weekend, lots of family and love.
    Tiffany bag perhaps??? Do TELL!!!

  7. I love the juice box hiding behind the glass of wine in the last picture! :-) Love you and your blog and your sweet family... would you want to host a giveaway for me sometime? I'd be honored if you'd have me.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. the sweatshirts are a fabulous idea~they look so cute & will have family memories every time they wear them! now show us your nails so we can see if you have been painting the chairs. do you have time to paint at this time of the year??? you have me puzzled, Pam!! hugs, Cathy