Sunday, December 5, 2010

Really Full Weekending

the cape
white lights
chinese food
christmas tree
matthew mead
birthday parties
more decorating
paper snowflakes
toy story 3 (I cry)
budapest, romania
candy cane cupcakes
homemade marshmallows
500 days of summer (I cry)


  1. I have made marshmallow one year...and they are so delicous...Your home looks so pretty and full of Christmas spirit...xoxo

  2. Ok, all I want to know is how long it took you to make your list in the shape of a tree?! :)

  3. I have never made marshmallows. Do they taste different from store bought? Your weekend list makes me tired. How on earth do you face Monday morning? Hannah is beautiful!

  4. definitely need to know more about those homemade marshmallows - yum!

  5. Look at that beautiful daughter of yours. Isn't it weird how they grow up? And did I see her wearing a tank top? Isn't it December--in MASS?
    Do we need that recipe?

  6. Oh Pam! I cried too at the end of Toy Story 3. Doug chuckled but I had to swallow hard to keep the tears under control. Loved that movie. Looks like a full, but lovely weekend!

  7. You made your marshmallows!! Neat!
    I like your Christams tree shaped "weekending" outline. So clever. It's so much fun to see your family and get to know you after all these years ;)

  8. Wow! I've never seen homemade marshmallows, and they look yummy! Love the tree shape list :) Your daughter looks beautiful.

  9. Your marshmallows were a success! I have a friend, and both of her girls are in the Nutcracker! I've enjoyed seeing them perform. Hannah looks so confident!

  10. busy! love this post!! must have taken forever to get the words in a shape of a tree!! (it would me!) hugs, Cathy

  11. crazy weekend, but it sure sounded fun! I love reading your weekend recaps; makes me feel a little more normal with all I pack into our weekends too. Your Christmas house looks beautiful and I love your 'go for the good' hot chocolate idea... one to copy for sure! Have a great week!

  12. thanks everyone for the questions and comments! the marshmallows were super easy! and much better than packaged! I'm packaging some up in cellophane with a candy cane and hot cocoa mix to give as gifts for CCD teachers, music and dance teachers. I'll post the recipe on my cooking blog. And for the word tree..I just counted the letters in each word. it took a few minutes but that's it. And was unseasonably warm but the cold has arrived..still no snow. And Dianne..I greet Monday morning like people with jobs outside of the home greet the weekend! I love Mondays! It's quiet..I don't have to make meals all day and my house stays clean! Have a good day everyone and thanks for reading..xoxo

  13. So, did you end up using Barefoot Contessa's marshmallow recipe (love love love her) or another? They look fabulous!

  14. I (really) am coming back as a child in your home. ESPECIALLY at Christmas!!! :)

  15. Wow, what a weekend!
    Love the snowflakes and your daughter is just beautiful!!
    Enjoy the night

  16. hannah looks beautiful!!! any words of wisdom for a first time momma with little ones performing???...i am a bit nervous for them!!!i am spying your you put real greens in it??? are you getting the snow we got here in the Berkshires...about 4 inches of the fluffiest snow!

  17. Love your blog Pam and especially now during the holidays.You make everything look so magical!
    You are a wonderful mom and your children will always have great memories of all you do for them. :)
    TP sister