Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Griffy and I just got back from a walk over by the cranberry bog. It's so beautiful this time of year...soon enough they'll flood it and we can go skating.

I love having everyone home. This is Steve's 3rd week at home and I'm getting spoiled. We stay up late, sleep in, hang out in our jammies and play games and drink hot cocoa. But sometimes I need to get out of my house and a walk with the baby is just what I need. Especially a late afternoon walk when the sun is just starting to go down. I love coming in the door after a walk in the cold air and being greeted by my little family all snug and the smell of a roast chicken in the oven. Time for a nip of wine. Life is good. Happy Tuesday evening friends!


  1. I am loving my guys being home too. I love the downtime right after Christmas!

    I hope you take some ice skating pictures...that's one thing I've never tried!

  2. Ice skating on a flooded pond? I thought that just happened in Norman Rockwell and old movies. You are so lucky.
    But I can tell you, saguaros really grow in people's yards.
    Somehow that pales in comparison.

  3. Sounds magical...hope you have many days like that. I am just finishing putting away the Christmas decor and carols. It was a wonderful holiday and I am ready for a long winter's nap. The joy of being an empty nester. :)