Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dinner With Tiffany's

Don't you just love this image? The snow, the happy couple with the daughters and of course..that Tiffany bag.  What is it about that little blue box? I once planned an entire dinner party around it for my girlfriends 40th. (At my old house...that I miss. I may have mentioned that before.)

Even the cake was made to look like a Tiffany present.

A little too much fun..


  1. Love that first photo from Tiffany ... *sigh* ... if only ...
    I have a friend whose sister-in-law planned her wedding around that same "Tiffany blue" - it could have been overdone, but I have to say it was just right paired with sand dollars and an overall beach theme - very very pretty wedding!
    BTW, love that gorgeous Tiffany cake in the centerpiece - holy cow, it's perfect!!

  2. there is nothing like a blue box!
    hugs and kisses.

  3. Never too much fun! Did you make that cake Pam? What a party indeed!
    P.S. I have only received 2 little blue boxes ever. I think I need more, don't you?

  4. Oh the first image has me swooning. How absolutely perfect!

  5. You make cakes too? Wow. You amaze me! Snow yet?

  6. I SO did NOT make that cake!!