Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Questions Answered

So I need to answer a few questions...NO I did not make that Tiffany's cake. Hello? I'm good but not that good.
The car Steve and I had for our wedding was an antique Austin Princess...I'm not a car girl at all but LOVED that we opted for that! The teal ornaments were found at Walmart. Yes, Walmart. And most of you that know me well enough know that I HATE Walmart. I go maybe once a find the teal ornaments. And no, the dining room chairs have not been painted yet. I had brought in my black kitchen chairs for Thanksgiving..hoping to get the painting done in January when I have nothing to do except diet and not spend money. Someone asked me to do a giveaway. I've never done one and I guess depending on what it is I could do it. I never enter giveaways really. It's just not my thing. I don't play the lottery either. I guess I figure I'll never win anyway. But you can email me and we can talk.

No, this is not my dock overlooking the water. I live near the water but not that near. Someday. If I win the lottery.


  1. cute post, pam ... i'm looking for a lottery win too ;-)
    merry christmas!

  2. Someone asked you to have a giveaway, seriously?! Wow, what nerve!
    Beautiful picture!

  3. don't giveaways make you laugh? me too. Love your picture. I'd camp right there.