Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekending Without Steve

Elf and Grinch
Cookies and Candy
Rain and No Snow
Parties and Nutcracker (still)
Wine and Olives (me)
Monster Pancakes and Rootbeer (kids)
Shopping and Shopping
Celtics and Patriots
Christmas Cards Coming and Going
Waiting and More Waiting...
Counting and More Counting..

Not For Christmas but for...
Steve to come home!

He's been gone since last Sunday...his family could not be happier to have him home....


  1. Oh Pam...I'm blue today because my boys are at hockey up in Denver...just scrimmages but I want them here to help decorate! I hear the Wisconsin and Minnesota storms are headed east, so you may get your wish for snow after all! The pic of Hannah and powdered sugar is STELLAR! I did have time and a teeny bit of inspiration to take new pics and blog today, at least. So happy Steve is home safe! :) xoxo

  2. Hannah is a beauty!!! So glad Steve made it home. I know how tired you must be.

  3. Looks like a whole lotta holiday fun was going on in your home this weekend!!
    Can't imagine being without Dave for that long!
    Glad the family is all together now!
    Enjoy the day Pam

  4. Susan Branch's Annie Hall's Sugar Cookie recipe is the BOMB!!! It's looking mighty festive there!!

  5. love the photos. seems like you stayed very busy while steve was away!

  6. That is the coolest picture ever! How many shots did it take to get it? (The one of Hannah) And I'm an airhead. I got your email, then accidentally deleted it from my phone. Could you extend me the courtesy one last time? So sorry. It's been a day. That's all I can say.
    And I almost wish Brad wasn't home. Then maybe I wouldn't be so irritated at him. ;D

  7. I love that your home looks like a little Christmas workshop.
    So cute.
    Great pics!

  8. love that first picture - amazing!!