Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card 2010 and A Few Years Past

I was in such a rush this year to take the picture, order the card and get them out that I guess I didn't look at last years...

Kinda similar don't you think? Oh well. It's done.


2007- Guess who won the World Series?


 2005 -Remember I said I liked leopard? Rememer I gave the dog away? I'm still paying for that one.

2004- this is as far back as I can go. We've moved too many times and I'm not very organized with my photos.


  1. I don't think they're that similar.
    And when I looked at last year's, it brought a memory back to me.
    That's what your blog looked like when I found you! I can't believe it's been a whole year!
    Happy holidays to you, my friend.

  2. I think they're all great! Isn't is crazy to look at those before Griffin came along? I'm extra sentimental to that because we're having crazy thoughts like trying for another. I'll be 41 next month. Don't know if it's even possible, and most of my friends would think i'm crazy, but oh well! I look at Griffin with his oldest brother and think it's the greatest!

  3. I've been enjoying your blog and this post made me think I should let you know so. I live in Kansas and have enjoyed many trips in the Northeast. I LONG for the ocean, history and beauty of that part of the country. Reading your blog gives me a taste of that. Keep it coming!

  4. I agree that they're all different enough - wouldn't give it another thought! LOVE the cheetah card, wow ... a girl after my own heart! And the Sox card? That was a great year, wasn't it?! SO many of us Boston peeps did the "B" cap photos - I liked those!

    PS - is there a link to the dog giveaway story - that sounds like one I've really got to hear - we're one of those "should we or shouldn't we" families @ adding a dog to the mix ... would love to hear what happened with you guys ;-)

  5. Good for you for having your cards done already! I'm kind of stressing because I don't have a picture yet for our card...I know, I know...just pick one already and be done with it!

  6. this post made me so happy! i loved seeing the "years gone by".....what a beautiful group y'all are!!
    check your email!

  7. crap. the last picture is 2003 not 2004. Why didn't I notice that Will would not have grown that fast in one year?

  8. Wasn't it fun to go back & look at your cards? My recent post on it was one of my favorites to put together( I did shed some tears!). After I reveal my 2010 card I am going to do a linky party, so I will let you know & hope that you link this post! I love the Joy one (by Devonshire?) I think that the 2009 & 2010 are different enough! hugs, Cathy

  9. It looks great! I love that you have all these on here. I hung my ond ones on the ladder in our computer area...but am missing quite a few. Photo organization is not one of my gifts!

  10. Love all your Christmas card from thru out the years! It was fun looking at them. I linked up too! Merry Christmas!