Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard 2010

We didn't get as much snow as predicted..but a tree was uprooted in the back yard. I would have preferred the snow.

Griffy is NOT a fan of the snow. Or of wearing hats/mittens/boots/coats. I think he prefers the beach.

I love rosy red cheeks on kids...fresh air is good after being cooped up the house.

Time for some hot cocoa and maybe a little Just Dance 2. I'm wicked awesome.


  1. I would be wicked awful.
    Love the snow..we don't have much here and the kids are dying to go sledding.

  2. Can you sneak into NYC for a drinky-poo? You have my cell. Happy New Year dearie!!!

  3. We'll be driving 2 hours to play in some snow next week. I've been listening to the news and hearing how crazy it is out there. BTW...I took your advice and we went for it this month! It didn't work, but we're not giving up. We're giving it 3 months. If it's meant to be it'll happen :) I'll keep you informed.

  4. Laughing that you got Just Dance 2. I still haven't had the time to get to that game. Challenge you!

  5. Oh Pam...our sweet little cheeky baby is turning into a little boy!!!!! He is getting so long/tall!! Heavens where does the time go?
    xoxo Deb

  6. great pictures!! And I loved the Christmas card. You ARE awesome :)

  7. well...I think i want just dance 2!
    we have that same little wooden it so much!