Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why not

We have moved...a lot. Mostly due to Steve's job during those first years in our marriage. Most recently because we wanted to "come home" to our families, the beach, where we grew up. With each move there has generally been not only the stresses that come with a move, but usually a new job and a new baby. I remember reading in a magazine years ago what the top 10 stresses were in life. Along with death and divorce; moving, a new baby, and new job were right up there. Some days I wonder if my kids will be giving me their therapy bill. Most days I look at them and can't believe how well they handle transition.

This is not how I grew up, it's not how Steve grew up either. There were two houses I lived in during my childhood years...my parents moved us an hour south, closer to the beach when I was 5 or 6. All my childhood memories were from that house. My kids won't have that. Unless of course we stay in this house until Griffy and Will are out of school. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Who knows really. I do know that I wouldn't trade it. I love that Hannah was born in Germany, in a German hospital and that Stephen called our landlords Oma and Opa. I love the traveling that we were able to do in Europe and here in the States. I love the friends we've made in each place we called home. I love the process of making a house a home. Setting up the kitchen is always a favorite of mine. Each box opened carefully and in it finding a tea cup bought in England or a piece of crystal found in Prague. The memories of those trips are in my thoughts as I find a new spot for them in a cupboard.

With each move there have been many tears and arguments and back breaking work. I remember well the first move. Steve and I had been living together in a great little apartment in Beacon Hill in Boston. The day after our wedding we packed our car and a U-haul trailer with our few possessions, hung a sign on the back that read "Just Married" and hit the road. Waving goodbye to our parents and siblings, I was excited to start our new life. Who knew there would be at least 6 more moves, 4 new jobs and 4 kids in our future. People have asked us if we're done moving. Who knows. Just the other day Steve said.."Wouldn't it be cool to live in Europe again, maybe after Stephen goes to college?" I said, "Why not."


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love it when someone new finds me, I can go read their blog, then discover a new friend. What an adventurous life--Europe, etc. We've lived within a mile of the same house for the last 15 years. And although it does have its advantages, I would enjoy a little adventure now and then.
    And, for the record, I understand your baby longing. Why does it matter we're in our forties! And that people will think I'm Eve's grandma? (Come to think of it, that might really hurt!)

  2. Pam, you have the most wonderful outlook! Your kids will be fine because of how you and Stephen handle it. I love how you put the kitchen away first and
    find your treasures that rekindle memories. Great post! Tell us, where was your favorite place to live so far and why?

  3. Pam, I love your blog & really appreciate your comment on mine (as I am new to this). My daughter just 5 mins. ago asked me, "Mom who reads your blog?" Now I have an answer for her!

    I can tell that you are a Mom that cares about her kiddos & her home. You have endured a lot of stress in moving, but kids rely on the consistency of their parents~therefore they will be fine & they will be very "adaptable"!

    My husband & I bought our dream home 7+ years ago & we still have projects that are on the list. Just this a.m. we were talking about a kitchen facelift~so I may have to blog about that, too!

    As far as being an "older Mom", I think I fall into that category too (had my youngest @ 36), I think it is all about your attitude. One of my closest friends had her daughter @ 41, as well, but they have adapted so well & they are now the family that they were meant to be!

    So enjoy the snow that is coming your way & check out my blog later today, because I will have some photos! Make sure you kiss your hubby tonite, because that bathroom rocks!

  4. Pam your life outlook is priceless. Those kids are so well adjusted and it is because you are the person that you are. Love you girl!

  5. We moved a billion times when I was a kid. I think I'm OK. Well, you've known me for a LONG time so you tell me if I'm OK or not ;)