Monday, February 22, 2010

Can I Sleep Over?

No, you can't. I cringe when I hear.."Can we have a sleepover?". I really can't stand them and would love to know who came up with them. Maybe this makes me a not fun mom but sleepovers are just not my thing. I don't like it when my kids are not home in their own beds. Maybe it's a control thing..who knows. I just love to tuck all my kids in..even the 15 year old..into their own beds at night knowing they are safe and sound. And I really don't like having kids sleep here either. I am all for having my kids friends come over and I want our house to be the house where the kids hang out..(again, maybe the control thing here) but please go home and sleep in your own beds..I'll even drive you.

When I was a kid...(here we go again)..I know I had sleepovers. As far as I know, I don't think my mom minded them. I'll have to ask her. Although I wasn't that crazy about sleeping at other kids' homes.  I never slept great. I was scared to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. The only thing I did like about them was that for breakfast the next morning I got to eat junk cereal. My mom NEVER bought junk cereal. I think I ate an entire box of Cookie Crisp at my friend Kelly's house one time. My mom used to say that when I got older I could buy all the junk cereal I wanted. What kind of cereal do you think is in my pantry now? I think the junkiest kind is Berry Kix. I mom here.

P.S..I couldn't find a sleepover photo (probably because my kids are deprived and don't have them) but I just love this shot of the back of Griffy's head!


  1. Pam, this another thing we have in common! I feel the same way! Except for the cereal part! I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan (Cereal City) & actually worked for KelIogg's while in college. I think my parents felt guilty if we didn't eat Pop Tarts, Apple Jacks, & Frosted Flakes (like they had to support the local economy) I am certain they tried to get us to eat the healthier versions, but we wanted the sugar!! I love that sweet pic of Griffy's head:)

  2. Amen! NOT worth the crabbiness the next day!

  3. We solved the problem with "late nights". We let our kids stay out later than usual and then come get them. It solves the problem of saying no to some requests we're not particularly comfortable with.

  4. Pam, the more I read about you, the more I know we have in common! I've never bought white bread or junk cereal...ever. My kids still think I'm mean! Andrew has sleepovers all the time and only two or three of his friends eat what I fix them for breakfast....eggs and bacon, homemade pancakes, homemade breakfast burritos....they'd rather have Fruit Loops. Honey Nut
    Cheerios is about as far as I go, but it's hot breakfast most of the time in the winter. Stick with your guns, girl! We need more moms like you in this world! xoxoxo...I want to smell and kiss Griffy's head!

  5. Pam - SO funny! Ican't stand sleepovers either! CRAB-by tired kids! Who needs that on Monday morning??? You aren't mean! You are smart! As for the cereal thing...I'm there too. Never had junk growing upa dnmy kids didn't either...YES! Kix were the TREAT cereal in my house too! :) Did you ever mix the cereals when they got to the bottom??? My kids hated that! But hey...that's how I grew up... :)
    And I'm with the others....I can just smell little G's head from here!
    You are the best!

  6. I also hate sleep overs and have all but forbidden them. It's a RARE occasion that I allow them.

  7. i am with you on the sleepovers. what a mess. i am into the half sleepovers now, that way people go home. my thought is we have four kids hang with each other.
    as for cereal, Cheerios is the big one at my house although everyone is eating Lucky Charms right now since it is vacation week. that was their treat:)
    hugs, rene'