Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday David....

This is my little brother. Why I still refer to him as my "little" brother when he's 36, I don't know. I can still see him riding his big wheel all around the neighborhood trying to catch up with the big kids.

How handsome is this kid?? And he is the funniest person I know. He calls me and leaves music messages..he doesn't talk, it's just music playing...usually Neil Diamond. He loves Neil Diamond. He loves music. And boy can this kid dance.

I love you David...I'm glad you're my little brother and I hope you make it on the cover of "Cool Magazine"...Happy Birthday...


  1. Love your little world! I also adore your stories! I can COMPLETELY relate to the Hollister disaster. I went there to pick up something for my cousin for her 16th bday and was completely overwhelmed by the pricing and the environment. It was so dark I swear I could not really tell what colors anything were. I found myself holding each item up to that tad little light. Oh...and did I mention I had a 2 yr old with me who then decided to have a melt down. Lovely.

    Happy birthday to your little brother. Glad I found my way here.


  2. This handsome and hunky and holding a baby this sweetly?
    A good man indeed! Funny works too....I usually leave song messages that the caller can't stand, and they know I know that, so they know it's me! Anyway, hope you had a great birthday!! We love your big sis!!!

  3. He'll always be your little brother...I have one too:) And you are the bis sis!
    Cute little bro! :)